Belgium’s Best ‘The Belgian Bull’ Robin Lekime

With out a doubt Norwich is the place to be for Wrestling in May with two huge Weekends of Wrestling. While some are talking about WWE coming to the City for the first time, it is the huge WAW/Bellatrix Weekender that most Wrestling fans in Norwich are more excited about. With some of the best wrestlers in Europe and some of the biggest names in wrestling history like Rey Mysterio and more on the show it is easy to see why. So with that we wanted to talk to more of the stars from WAW over the next few weeks leading to the big shows on the 12th & 13th of May. One person who is very popular in WAW and is arguably the best wrestler in Europe winning championships all over Europe is the Belgian Bull Robin Lekime and he was nice enough to answer a few of our questions.


UWR: Where are you from?

Lekime: I’m The Belgian Bull Robin Lekime, I’m from Ghent, Belgium

UWR: How old are you?

Lekime: I’m 39years old

UWR: Growing up were you a fan of pro wrestling?

Lekime: I was a huge wrestling fan. I saw my first match on TV in Feb 1990 and I was hooked.

UWR: Where did you train to become a wrestler, who trained you and how old were you?

Lekime: In 1999, I got in touch with a couple of Belgian wrestlers and they trained me on the job. I was already 21 by then.

UWR: Who were some of your influences growing up?

Lekime: The first wrestler I ever saw was Ultimate Warrior. I knew immediately that I wanted to become a wrestler.
Later on, people like Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel and Rick Rude.
Then I saw the Steiners in action in ’93 and I knew what kind of style I wanted to do.


UWR: Are your family and friends supportive of your pro wrestling career?

Lekime: My family wasn’t supportive at all. I barely had any friends as all my spare time was spent watching and studying wrestling and working out.

UWR: I am sure like most wrestlers you remember your first match. So who was did it go well and what do you remember most about it?

Lekime: My first match was in May 1999 and it went pretty well. Standing behind the entrance curtain, it all felt so natural. I was finally going to step in a ring and fulfill my dream.
There were about 800 people that day.
I remember the middle rope snapping halfway the match but we just continued.

UWR: For people that have never seen you perform before can you describe your character and wrestling style ?

Lekime: My style is a mix of technical wrestling, a variety of suplexes and hard-hitting.

UWR: In your opinion what is the best match or feud you have had ?

Lekime: Very hard to pick my best match but some of my best opponents include Aaron Sharp, Aron Frost, King Kendo and Alex Young.IMG_0049

UWR: What is your proudest moment from your career in wrestling so far ?

Lekime: My proudest moment was when the promoter said to a full locker room that tonight’s sold out crowd was because of my match.
Being a draw is very important in this business and being able to fill a venue on your and your opponent’s name is a cool accomplishment.

UWR: Is there any wrestler that you have never worked with before that you would like to have a match with?

Lekime:  I wrestle anyone. I can adapt to any style.
If I would have to pick one guy, it would be Hirooki Goto. He’s one tough dude.IMG_0027

UWR: Are there any other companies you would like to work for in the future?

Lekime: At the moment, I’m very happy in WAW. They give me loads of work and I work for some other companies around it.
I don’t have the need to work for certain companies. My goal is to make a living doing what I love and I’ve been able to do that because of WAW.

UWR: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a Pro Wrestler ?

Lekime: My advice would be to find a good school with trainers that have accomplished something in this business. Work out hard. Nobody wants to see some skinny or out of shape kid in a ring.
Look the part. Study the history of our business.
And be prepared for a lonely social life as you’ll need to travel a lot and make a ton of sacrifices.


UWR: Where can people see you perform next ?

Lekime: The following WAW events are in Thetford on April 21st, Clare on April 23rd, Ipswich on the 29th and I’ll be in Plymouth on the 30th for PWA. In May, WAW has TV tapings in Norwich on the 12th and 13th and in Lowestoft on the 14th.

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