Progress Wrestling Chapter 46: I Like To Chill Out Here And Shoot Dinosaurs


For many reasons I had not watched much wrestling over the last few weeks but that gave me the opportunity to have a catch up with Progress and I started with Chapter 46 and I’m so glad I decided not to skip this show as yet again Progress out done themselves yet again. There was not one match that I did not enjoy and picking one match as a favourite was an impossible task.

The Origin (Zack Gibson & Nathan Cruz) defeated The Origin: Banter Edition (El Ligero & Dave Mastiff)

This opening contest had everything you could ask for. The story with the split within the faction is brilliant ,  El Ligero and Mastiff are the best comedy act in all of wrestling and the serious Gibson and Cruz playing great heel characters made this match perfect. I was laughing throughout the majority of this match due to the antics of Mastiff and Ligero and even though they lost the contest they still managed to get s little bit of Banter in after the match which was class. In the ring the match was very good and even though Ligero ate the pin he was the MVP of the match and is looking better than ever in my opinion.

Natural Progression Semi Final

Toni Storm defeated Dahlia Black

In what looks like her last match in Progress Dahlia Black came up short in a very exciting match against one of the best female wrestlers in the world, Toni Storm. How Toni Storm has not been signed already by the big companies is baffling she is by far a better in ring worker than most I watch every week on TV. I will be shocked if she is not in the WWE Women’s Tournament that is coming in the future. This match was a great advert for Toni Storm as she dominated most of the match showing all her attributes and it was her power that was the deciding factor after kicking TK low Toni then hit a Power Bomb and followed up with a viscous Piledriver to book her spot in the 3 Way Final to crown the first Progress Women’s Champion.

Travis Banks defeated Jack Sexsmith

This was a contender for match of the show. Both put in an excellent performance, Sexsmith’s never say die attitude was commendable and he is proving to be s serious player in Progress but Banks is arguably the hottest prospect in wrestling today and he proved why by picking up an impressive victory. The show of respect between TK Cooper and Sexsmith was a nice way to end the long term feud.

Mark Haskins defeated Axel Dieter Jr

If you like technical master classes then this is the perfect match for you to watch. Both were simply outstanding throughout the entire contest. But before that we were treated to a theatrical entrance from Haskins as he and his soon took on a Dinosaur and won ! The match was filled with counters, reversals, strong strikes and near falls and either man would of been deserving of winning but when Haskins sank in deep with his version of a a Sharpshooter it was all over.

Fans Bring The Weapons/Loser Leaves Progress

Jimmy Havoc defeated Will Ospreay

This was without doubt one of the most violent matches I have ever seen in British Wrestling. The lengths these men went to in attempting to end not only the match but each other’s careers was at times hard to watch. But this was like a car crash in that as horrific as it was it was impossible to look away.  Trying to describe everything that went down in this match is a near impossibility some of the weapons used in the match were: A Grandfather Clock, A Pinnata, A PlayStation 2, A Kyle Minogue and Jason Donavan LP, A barbed wire baseball bat, A box of Lego, A bag of Haribo & Pins, Barbed Wire, The Progress Staf and many so much more. Ospreay attempted to play it smart by wearing a chest protector but it was not long before Jimmy found other ways of exacting more punishment on Ospreay. A cheese grated to the head was more about gab enough to bust open Will and he bled profusely for the remainder of the contest but then Jimmy was not far behind as he was busted open by a Curb Stomp in to Tacs and Lego by Ospreay’s Swords Of Essex buddy Paul Robinson. From then until the end of the match Robbo kept injecting himself into the match but Havoc kept finding ways to take him out. With both men bloodied and   Beaten but both refusing to lose Will made the challenge to Havoc that whomever lost would have to leave Progress Wrestling forever. Of Course Jimmy agreed and after countless Acid Rainmaker Clotheslines the last was enough to keep Will down and end the best ever rivalry in the history of British Wrestling.

Progress Tag Team Championships

British Strong Style defeated The Hunter Brothers

This was a very fast paced entertaining match. The more I watch the Hunter Bros the more impressive they become and this was their best performance I have ever seen from them. Their  double teams and every other move they perform are all  perfectly executed. They gave BSS a serious challenge but as impressive as they were it was not a match for the team work and brilliance that is Trent Seven and Tyler Bate. Two of the best in the world put together in one team and of course they will become unstoppable and it’s looking more like that as they finished the Hunters with a Piledriver and a Tyler Driver to retain the new Progress tag team title belts.

Progress Atlas Championship

Matt Riddle defeated Walter

Wow Bro, Matt Riddle just moved up to another level of awesome after this match . I mean seriously Bro, Matt Fucking Riddle Bro !!! I have gone on record as saying that Walter is the best big man in wrestling and this match only proved my point even more. He dominated the majority of this contest but somehow Riddle would not stay down and he found a way as he always seems to do and made Walter tap out. This match was the best of the night and is a real contender for match of the year.

Progress Heavyweight Championship

Pete Dunne defeated Mark Andrews

Like the excellent video package explained before the match, these two have been doing battle for years all over the UK and this year in an international stage but finally for the first time these two did battle inside a Progress Ring and both put in a title winning worthy performance. At one point Andrews thought he had won only for the desiscion to be reversed as Dunne’s leg was under the rope when Andrews went for the pin after hitting a fabulous Shooting Star Press. The difference yet again was Trent and Tyler as both interjected themselves in the match at vital points to stop Andrews winning and after the restart it was Dunne who capitalised and hit the Bitter End to get the win and notch another victory in his defence of the Prigress Championship.

I loved this show and I love Progress can’t wait to get down to The Electric Ballroom for SSS16 can’t wait have missed going it’s been far to long since my last show but this 3 day show should make up for some of it. Looking forward to seeing everyone there catch you in Camden and if you see us come say high.


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