Progress Wrestling Chapter 47: Complicated Simplicity



This was a very emotional show as some of the more popular performers of Progress said farewell. There was also two men announced for SSS 16, the third and last finalist for the Natural Progression Tournament to crown the first Women’s Champion was decided , an impressive debut and others made an impact.

James Drake defeated Eddie Dennis

The match was very enjoyable I like the in ring styles of both and thought they blended well in this match. Drake got another win and is looking like he could be a big player in the future for Progress. I do think the ending made Dennis look a tad stupid as he argued with the ref for a few moments and that gave Drake a chance to hit his DDT. On a side note I understand that Progress are changing a lot of the entrance music for many of the guys and girls, the new Eddie Dennis entrance music will take some getting used to, I’m not saying I don’t like it but it’s not as infectious as his previous entrance music Party Hard but like I said it’s not that important. I can also see Drake being entered in to the SSS16 tournament and think he could do very well.


Natural Progression Semi Final

Laura Di Matteo defeated Alex Windsor

I was really impressed with Alex Windsor in this match. But that is nothing new she always impresses every time we see her perform. Having trained at one of the best schools in the country (WAW in Norwich with the Knight Family) she is in my opinion one of the best female wrestler this country has produced. As for Di Matteo while she is a lot smaller than most her MMA and wrestling ability makes up for that. Even though the dive through the ropes is the most over used move in wrestling Di Matteo does it better than anyone I have ever seen do it. The match saw Windsor dominate the majority of it but it was the MMA background of Di Matteo that was the deciding factor as she was able to lock in the Rings Of Saturn and made Alex Windsor submit. The story heading in to the final of the Natural Progression tournament is brilliant as the former lackey of Jinny, Laura Di Matteo will face her former employer in a triple threat with the best female wrestler on the planet, Toni Storm taking the third spot. Got to say I am buzzing that I have my ticket for Super Strong Style 16 as I want to see this history making match live.



Flash Morgan Webster defeated Mike Bird

This was another very enjoyable match. There seems to be an extra added motivation behind Flash after coming back from his injury and I am even more impressed with this Flash Morgan Webster than I was previously. Even though he lost in his first Chapter outing, Mike Bird was as awesome as he always is every time he performs. The ending was perfect as Bird refused to tap when he was locked in a Dragon Sleeper by Flash and showed even more defiance by flipping off Flash before passing out. Flash told everyone after the match that he is feeling much better and is ready to “Rip It Up”. As Flash left he was jumped by James Drake who then struck Flash with a viscous Forearm. I sure we will find out why Drake did what he did but maybe these two will clash in the future. I would love to see it happen at SSS16 in either the first or second round of matches.


South Pacific Power Trip defeated London Riots

This was a fantastic way to say goodbye. A tremendous match that is a contender for match of the year, so many hilarious comedy moments and mind blowing agility from all four men that stole the show. I have always been a fan of TK and Dahlia ever since I first saw them perform for Progress I thought they played the heel couple perfectly from the Kiss tags to TK punching other girls in the face. Then along came Travis Banks and after a short time of the teaming together TK was no longer that guy who wears dungarees and punches girls in the face, he was becoming one of the most entertaining and skilled performers in Progress. SPPT had some of the best tag team matches I have ever seen and it sucks as just as it seemed they were gaining a huge amount of momentum it has been cut short and we may never see them together in a Progress ring again. You saw how much this meant to TK Cooper and Dahlia Black as the couple broke down in tears after the match and you could see they are going to be missed by many including Travis Banks who was extremely emotional as were owners Glenn and Jim as they said farewell. The fans gave them a tremendous ovation from the beginning and continued to show their appreciation throughout and after showing why this company is as good as everyone says it is. Well just as this emotional rollercoaster came to its climax out came British Strong Style (Trent Seven, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate) and in true heel fashion ruined everything by attacking SPPT by smashing Travis in the head with a title belt then holding down Dahlia and making her watch as Trent smashed the leg of TK with a chair while it was trapped in another chair. Thankfully Ring Kampf rushed to the ring and chased off BSS and one last time everyone said goodbye to TK and Dahlia. As for Travis Banks he is on course for being a top singles competitor and I think he is a huge favourite to win SSS16 and go on and challenge for the title in the future.


Jim had a quick bit of news that involved Marathon Runner Pastor William Eaver who is making the most of his Marathon participation by wearing the medal and like the gimmick he portrays normally he was brilliant in this role. Anyway Jim informed Pastor and everyone that William Eaver will be in this years SSS16.

Number One Contendership for Progress Championship

Mark Andrews drew with Mark Haskins

Two of the top talents in the UK put on a great performance and I’m happy that both will be in a triple threat match for the title but I can’t see how many more title shots either Haskins or Andrews will get against Dunne if they are not successful then I don’t see them getting another chance as both have had numerous chances already in the last few chapters. The finish was done well as Haskins made Andrews tap but as that happened Haskins’ shoulders were on the mat and Ref Chris Roberts counted three at the same time as Andrews tapped Roberts hand hit the mat for the third time and Roberts called it as a Draw.  It was not hard for Jim and Jon to make the right choice and that was a triple threat at the next chapter.


Jack Sexsmith defeated Paul Robinson

This was a bitter sweet moment as Jack Sexsmith gave the performance of his career and pulled of his biggest win to date as he booked a spot in SSS16 and for someone who was considered no more than a novelty act he is quickly becoming a top performer for Progress. While the Progress career of Sexsmith is reaching new heights the same can not be said for Paul Robinson. This match had another added stipulation that if Robinson lost he would never wrestle in Progress again and as that happened Progress lost one of the best true heels in the country. Once known for his impressive high flying, Robbo left it all behind when he turned in to one of the most hated men in the U.K and unlike the more popular heels he is not a cool heel or one that does the high spots to get pops from the crowd instead he changed his wrestling style to a more viscous ground and pound style and with the attitude he added became for me one of the best heels in the country. He has had some of the best matches in Progress History and will also be missed. The match between the two was first class. Sexsmith was so impressive pulling out some new moves that showed how hard he has been working on his in ring game. Robinson used every trick up his sleeve and pulled out every viscous move in his arsenal even going back in time and proving he is still one of the best high flyers by hitting a perfect Shooting Star Press. But the Progress career of Robinson ended when he was made to tap out when Sexsmith locked in a Cross Face.


Progress World and Tag Team Championship

British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) vs Ring Kampf (Axel Dieter Jr, Walter and Timothy Thatcher)

The stipulations for this match were easy to understand and as a fan of both teams I was really excited to see this match. All six men did not fail to impress and we saw many impressive moments like Tyler Bate German Suplexing Walter. While all six men were impressive the stand out performer in this match was Walter. The guy is a beast but is so unbelievably agile I can’t see it being much longer before he is snapped up by one of the big two companies (WWE or NJPW). As close as Ring Kampf came to winning you have to be impressed with how BSS are able to hold on to the titles by any means necessary. With Trent about to tap out from Walter chocking him out, Dunne hit Walter in the head with his title belt and Trent not knowing where he was had an arm draped on Walter and that was enough to score the pin. While we know that the future of all three members of British Strong Style is with WWE, the future of Axel Dieter Jr has been in question as he had his last match with wXw in Germany on 30th April announcing that he wants to advance his career abroad so again there are two places many are saying he will end up either WWE or NJPW either would be awesome and whoever gets him has a star in the making.


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