Progress Wrestling Chapter 49: Super Strong Style 16

I wanted to wait to write this review so I could watch SSS16 on   before I gave you my opinion. Being there live for the entire tournament left me in the belief that this was the best Wrestling tournament I had ever seen. The three day tournament was jam packed with emotion, passion, fantastic storytelling, excitement, comedy and of course first class action.

Day One Results

Jeff Cobb defeated Nathan Cruz
With Tour of the Islands Slam. This was a dominating debut by Cobb and even though Cruz was able to hit a low blow and Jaw Breaker it was not enough to stop Cobb.

Mark Haskins defeated Flash Morgan Webster with a Sharpshooter. I thought this was one of the best matches of the day. Both men gave everything they had in this fast paced contest but it was Haskins who took advantage of the weak ankle of Flash and locked in his Sharpshooter.

Travis Banks defeated Jimmy Havoc
With a Kiwi Crusher. This was the most violent match of Day One as this was more of a fight than a wrestling match with both throwing chairs at each other and then throwing each other through rows of chairs. After a viscous back and forth brawl Banks was able to get the better of Havoc and hit his finisher.

Zack Sabre Jr defeated David Starr via submission. The first time watching David Starr and was was so impressed and his match with ZSJ was not only one of the best on this day but is a contender for match of the year.

Jack Sexsmith defeated Zack Gibson with a roll up. This match had everything you could want in a great wrestling match, it had an underdog baby face against a powerful heel, the story behind the match and the journey undergone by Sexsmith gave this match even more emotion and the passion shown from not only Sexsmith but every fan in attendance made this match perfect also Gibson with played his role as the dastardly heel to perfection . When Jack was able to counter Gibson and get a roll up after suffering from a serious injury during the match, the entire Ballroom exploded and Sexsmith even though seriously injured still  celebrated with his fans. For me this was another contender for match of the night and match of the year.

Tyler Bate defeated Pastor William Eaver with a Tyler Driver. The only thing that surprised me in this one was that Bate made short work of the Pastor. As good as Tyler is I did expect more from Eaver in this one.

Flamita defeated Mark Andrews with a Standing Spanish Fly. If you love fast paced, highflying non stop action then you will love this match. This was another match that is a contender for match other day and year adding to the already four that came before.

Matt Riddle defeated Trent Seven with a Running High Knee Strike. This was so entertaining as Trent berated Riddle then just as he was finished and the bell rang to start the match Riddle shot across the ring and hit Trent with a High Knee Strike that knocked Trent out, Riddle quickly pinned Trent and the match was over in roughly Six Seconds.

Wow what a first day with Cobb’s dominating debut, Haskins and Flash tearing it up, Havoc and Banks throwing each other around the Ballroom, Starr and Sabre having a first class entertaining wrestling match , Passion, Emotion and heart  from Sexsmith then the crowd exploding when he won was amazing, Bate defeating the Pastor with ease, Flamita and Andrews put on a highflying masterpiece and Trent Seven got knocked the fuck out by The King Of Bros Matt Riddle.  If you were not entertained by this first day of SSS16 then what is wrong with you ? This was a great start with so many great moments and matchs. I had two questions after day one:

1. How can anyone pick a winner after so many great first round performances?

2. How can Day Two or Three top Day One?

Day Two

Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews defeated The London Riots when Andrews hit a Shooting Star Press. Wow what a difference a year makes as last year The Riots won the tag titles in a great match but since they lost those belts things have gone from bad to worse as they continue on a losing streak.

Tyler Bate defeated Mark Haskins with interference first from Peter who was chased away by Jimmy Havoc then Trent snuck in the ring behind everyone’s back and hit Haskins with a Full Nelson Suplex and followed up with a Twisting  Piledriver, Tyler covered Haskins for the win.

Zack Sabre Jr defeated Jack Sexsmith with a Single Leg Boston Crab after a short one sided contest with a seriously injured Sexsmith. This was difficult to watch and you only felt sorry for Jack. With out being injured this was going to be a tough ask for Jack to defeat one of the best wrestlers in the world and without one arm it was only a matter of when Zack wanted to end this match. You could see this was a difficult situation for Zack to be in as he obviously respects Jack but he had to think about advancing in the tournament and getting a shot at a belt he has never won. I know this was a serious injury to Jack and I hope he recovers quick and continues this compelling story he is telling.

Matt Riddle defeated Jeff Cobb with a running high knee. Wow if I ever rated matches with stars this match would easily be a five star match. These two put together a show stealer of a match and it was easily the best match of the day and is another match from this weekend to be a contender for match of the year.

Travis Banks defeated Flamita via submission with a single arm hooked Cross face. This was another fast paced action packed match, both deserved to continue in the tournament with the two excellent performances they put on. The reversal Banks hit when Flamita attempted to hit a 450 splash and Banks caught him and locked in his One Arm Hooked Cross Face. The other highlight was the creative chant made up for Flamita.

Trent Seven and Pete Dunne defeated Pastor William Eaver and David Starr when Trent hit a twisting Piledriver on David Starr. I really enjoyed every part of this match all four played their parts perfectly. While Trent and Peter are undoubtedly great in the ring the one thing we have yet to see from their runs in the WWE is how funny these two are. Then of course Starr was even more comical as was his tag partner for the day, The Pastor. British Strong Style proved just how good they are and even with the fans tormenting Trent Seven with his loss from the day before to Riddle. Trent Six …. oops sorry I mean Trent Seven was able to pick up a much needed win here.

Progress Women’s Championship
Toni Storm defeated Jinny and Laura Di Matteo with a Piledriver on Jinny. This was by far the best female wrestling match I have watched in a long time all three women gave everything they had to entertain us in the final of the Natural Progression Tournament to crown the first Women’s Progress Champion. But the one who stood out amongst the three and in my opinion is the best Female Wrestler in the world was Toni Storm. Using her amazing power and speed she dominated large parts of the match and even with Jinny pulling out every trick she could and Di Matteo showing real heart to stay in the fight they could not stop Storm from making History on this night.

Well they did it again!! Progress proved me wrong and out did themselves yet again as this day was even better than day one. With another three matches being contenders for match of the year, The Chosen Bros stealing the show, the comedy from Trent’s predicament and Toni Storm making history. After all that there was still one more day to go and how anyone had the energy to do one more day is even more impressive.

Day Three

Roy Johnson’s Wasteman challenge was won by Flamita. For the first time there was a six man Wasteman challenge and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in wrestling. Starr rapping to Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Flamita singing the Makarainer were two of the many highlights during the freestyle battle but the fun was cut short when Havoc came out and put a stop to it by hitting everyone with a chair. Sexsmith came out and attempted to pin everyone in the ring then left only to come back later in the hope of getting hit with a Cock Shot by Starr. Flamita won this Six Man Scramble match after hitting a Flam Fly on Starr.

Travis Banks defeated Zack Sabre Jr after a viscous back and forth encounter that either could of won but after two springboard head kicks Travis was able to move on to the final.

Tyler Bate defeated Matt Riddle. Another one to add to the ever growing list of Match Of The Year candidates. Both were so impressive with everything in this contest but the most impressive thing was Tyler was able to win this match without the help of his BSS teammates.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Katey Harvey with a Gory Bomb. This was a very good match and proved why these two had the chance to battle for a shot at the title in the first place. KLR was impressive as always and I can’t wait for her to challenge the champion Toni Storm. These two are the best female wrestlers in the world at the moment and I’m sure this clash in a Progress ring will be epic.

Submissions Only Match
Trent Seven defeated Mark Haskins after Trent hit Jimmy Havoc who was doing guest commentary with a chair, Jimmy came looking for revenge and attempted to hit Trent with a chair but he moved and Jimmy accidentally hit Haskins in the head knocking him out cold. Trent took the opportunity and put Mark in a Sharpshooter and the ref had no choice but to stop the match.

Progress Wrestling Championship
Pete Dunne defeated Jeff Cobb with a Pumphandle Flatliner. This was the most impressive title defence by Peter as he was able to overcome Jeff Cobb. Again another M.O.T.Y contender and more reason as to why people are saying Pete Dunne is the best in the world.

Super Strong Style 16 Final
Travis Banks defeated Tyler Bate in a great match and a perfect way to end the weekend. The twists and turns, passion and emotion shown by the wrestlers and everyone watching on made this match so memorable and one more to add to that list. The moment BSS came out to interfere but were stopped by Banks’ teammates CCK the crowd exploded and then they did it yet again when finally Travis was able to win the match. I think the name of the venue The Electric Ballroom was perfect as you could of cut the electricity in this match with a knife it was that unbelievable and like a said a great way to end the whole weekend.

This was without question the best tournament I have ever watched not only for the long list of M.O.T.Y contenders but the passion and emotion shown from everyone involved. Then add the best and friendliest fans in the world who came up with some of the best innovative chants I have ever heard this was the best show I have ever been too and I have been to quite a few.

Here in no order are my Match of the year contenders:
1. ZSJ vs David Starr
2. Flamita vs Mark Andrews
3. Tyler Bate vs Mark Haskins
4. Matt Riddle vs Jeff Cobb
5. Travis Banks vs Flamita
6. Travis Banks vs ZSJ
7. Tyler Bate vs Matt Riddle
8. Pete Dunne vs Jeff Cobb
9. Tyler Bate vs Travis Banks

Finally I would like to say thank you to everyone who worked on the show and all the fans for making this a weekend I will never forget.

All Photos were taken by Matt Soanes aka The Guy who bought Jim a Subway Sandwich.


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