Pro Wrestling Eve Champion and Super Nerd !! This Is Rhia O’Rielly

The One name mentioned many times when discussing the best female wrestles from the UK is Rhia O’Rielly. It is easy to see why, having been trained at some of the best wrestling schools in the world and worked for many top promotions around the world and winning multiple titles along the way. We got the chance to find out more about the Pro Wrestling Eve  Champion  Rhia O’Rielly.


UWR: Where are you from ?

Rhia: I am originally from Northern Ireland but have been living in and loving London for almost ten years!

UWR: How old are you ?

Rhia: 32

UWR: Growing up were you a fan of Pro Wrestling ?

Rhia: I got into pro wrestling when I was about 12 years old. I went round a friends house and she asked if I minded watching this show she had recorded and it ended up being WWE. I was hooked from the moment I saw it.

UWR: Where did you train to become a Wrestler, who trained you and how old were you ?

Rhia: I trained with Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada when I was 24 which was an incredible experience. I think intensive training really helped me to get to grips with the basics and build up my confidence. I then returned to the UK and continued to train under the tutelage of Justin Richards.


UWR: Who were some of your influences growing up ?

Rhia: Trish Stratus was the initial reason I wanted to get into wrestling. She was the first woman in the business I actually hated and the moment the Dudleys put her through a table, I knew women could have the same impact in the business given the opportunity. As I delved into the world of wrestling more, the roster of Shimmer became a real inspiration to me.

UWR: Are your family and friends supportive of your Pro Wrestling Career ?

Rhia: Absolutely!

UWR: I’m sure like every Wrestler you remember your first match. So who was in the match ? Did it go well ? And what do you remember most about it ?

Rhia: My first match was on the debut show for Pro Wrestling Eve and was against Sara Marie Taylor. I was so nervous and I didn’t get the win but it was a great experience and one I would never take back.

UWR: What in your opinion is your best match or opponent you have ever had ?

Rhia: I have wrestled so many amazing and talented women over the years but recently I think my wars with Emi Sakura and Sammii Jayne have definitely stood out the most.


UWR: What is your proudest moment from your time in Pro Wrestling ?

Rhia: Winning the Pro Wrestling Eve championship for sure. Its something I’ve been working towards since I started wrestling.

UWR: Are there any wrestlers on the Indy scene you would like to wrestle that you have never wrestled before ?

Rhia: So many! I’ve ben lucky to have wrestled pretty much all the women on the UK seen but there are some international talents I’d love to wrestle. To name a few…Madison Eagles, Vanessa Kraven, Meiko Satmomura, Roni Nicole…


UWR: If you could choose any wrestler in history alive or dead to have a match with who would it

Rhia: Trish Stratus

UWR: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in Wrestling ?

Rhia: Research your wrestling school, find a good one and then give it 100%. Work hard, train hard but also remember to have fun.


UWR: Where can people see you perform next ?

Rhia: I’m currently out on injury with a broken ankle for an indeterminate amount of time but I will be at the next Pro Wrestling Eve show in my role as match booker on 15th July at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, London.

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