WWE RAW 12/6/17 Results and Review


Here is the results and my review of this weeks episode of Monday Night RAW


Elias Sampson defeated Dean Ambrose after distraction from The Miz

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar in 6 seconds.

Apollo Crews defeated Kalisto

Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Dana Brooke defeated Emma, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

Gallows and Anderson defeated Enzo and Cass

Slater and Rhyno defeated The Miz and The Bear

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship           2 Out Of 3 Falls                                              The Hardy Boyz vs The Bar finished 1 fall each with the third fall ending in a double count out


If you decided to switch this show off after the fantastic opening segment that saw Joe and Lesnar brawl then you didn’t miss a dam thing. While the Heyman promo was long winded and neither Heyman or Brock seemed that angry from what happened last week. The only decent shot was the kick Joe delivered straight to Lesnar’s nose. But this still was by far the best thing on the show but the problem was that it was done at the beginning of the show instead of building up to it throughout with maybe an angry Brock wreaking havoc destroying everything and everyone in his path as he searches for Joe.  Then have what happened at the beginning at the end of the show going off the air with these two brawling.

This Elias Sampson is much better than the one he was on NXT and I glad he beat Ambrose but I’m certain Ambrose will get a win down the road somewhere and Sampson will be relegated to lower mid card obscurity.

Dar was and is always entertaining but I’m sick of this story surrounding Alisha Fox give these guys something new.

What is the point in Bray Wyatt he does the same thing every feud. He talks nonsense for s few weeks then loses the feud. It just feels like they had nothing for either Bray or Seth so they just threw them together with no story behind it.

Please end these matches between Kalisto and Apollo. Put Kalisto in 205 and keep going with Titus Brand he is so entertaining.

Amateurish, that was the one word that sprang to mind when having to endure this poorly scripted, badly directed and horribly executed in ring promo from the women on Raw. Each women delivered their couple of lines with no emotion or passion then we had to endure another tedious 6 Women tag match.

Cass was attacked again. Surely after three weeks of Enzo and Cass being attacked they would be extremely cautious and paranoid but they still seem to be walking around on thier own and get jumped from behind. I thought Cass did an excellent job selling his injury in the match and I am intrested to see where this story goes. Will they split up Enzo and Cass or will they do something else ?

While it was good that Neville went to 205    making that division a bit more watchable. The problem is he is getting better every week while the rest of the roster are not anywhere near the same level as him. There is no one that should take the title from him so there is only one option. Bring in someone else and I think the one guy that could take 205 to another level and he would have a great feud and series of matches with Finn Balor.

It was embarrassing having to watch Slater and Rhyno vs Miz and The Bear and the main problem was yet again Miz was made to look stupid and Ambrose stole all of his heat that he got earlier in the show.

The main event was good but it should not of been the main event. They have no idea what to do with The Hardys and that’s why they are going round in circles with Sheamus and Cesaro.

No one who lived through the era when Monday Night Wrestling was great can honestly say that this Raw was good. The creative is lazy no one is showing any hunger, passion or emotion. The lay out of the show was poorly done and the fact they had Lesnar for the night and only used him for 15 minutes was baffling. The only person to blame is the man in charge who lets all this happen, The Great Filter and Creative Genius Vince McMahon.


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