CZW: Tournament Of Death 16 Review



Tournament Of Death Opening Round

G Raver vs Jeff Cannonball. Cannonball wins with Piledriver in to Light tubes.

Connor Claxon vs Clint Margera. Claxon wins with Second Rope Piledriver through a barbed wire board

Massada vs Shlack. Massada wins by making Shlack tap out whilst driving a piece of wood in to his eye

John Wayne Murdoch vs Jimmy Havoc vs Rickey Shane Page. Havoc throws Murdoch out of the way after Murdoch hit a top rope Destroyer on Page through a plate of Glass then Havoc pinned Page for the win.

Non Tournament Match
Kit Osbourne vs The Big Scare Dan O’Hare vs Jimmy Lloyd vs George Gatton. Dan O’Hare def. Kit Osborne, Jimmy Lloyd & George Gatton

Tournament of Death Semi Final
Connor Claxon vs Jeff Cannonball. Claxon wins with a skateboard jump of the top rope on to the chest of Cannonball

Tournament Of Death Semi Final
Jimmy Havoc vs Massada. Havoc wins with Acid Rainmaker clothesline

Non Tournament Match
Matt Tremont Vs Mad Man Pondo. Tremont wins with a Death Valley Driver on to a BMX

Scaffold Match
Notorious inc vs Dave Havoc and Alex Colon
Havoc wins with Elbow drop of scaffold on to Kit Osborne who was laying on a table with a sheet of glass on him and light tubes.

Tournament Of Death Final

Connor Claxon vs Jimmy Havoc. Havoc wins with Curb Stomp in to light tubes.

Havoc is presented trophy from Rickey Shane Page and Clint Margera joins Havoc to celebrate his win. Claxon attacks Havoc,Page and Margera and destroys the trophy and leaves everyone laying in the ring.


So this was the first Death Match Tournament that I had ever watched. Now I have only seen Little clips online and have witnessed matches here in the U.K. and the top promotions around the world with the companies going to the Extreme. But this was on another level from what I have ever witnessed. I will admit I was glued to this violent form of entertainment and one of the things I did learn from this was that it is complete bullshit when people who probably have never watched a full show say ” Any Idiot could do what they do”. The guys doing this showed that they all have an extremely high threshold for pain, they all showed real passion and emotion for what they do that’s something you don’t see in some of the ‘Top’ Wrestling Promotions. So if you do enjoy Death Match wrestling then you will love this show ! I was not only completely shocked but also entertained by these guys mutilating each other’s bodies. The different matches and weapons used was insane they used things like a grass strimmer, glass sheets, a barbed wire trampoline, fire, knitting needles, an infinite amount of light tubes and so much more also seeing Jimmy Havoc win the whole thing was an added bonus. I get why some may not like this style of wrestling and that’s okay but to say it’s not wrestling is not. As this does the same thing that any other style of wrestling does and that’s entertain the fans of that style. Everyone involved put their bodies on the line not only to entertain but they also told some great stories and for me that makes a very good Wrestling show. I for one will be watching more of CZW in the future and would definitely recommend it to other wrestling fans.




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