AAA Wrestling Review


So it was the debut of AAA in the U.K. The matches were both very good but that was to be expected with the talent on display. The few problems I had with the show were:

1. The commentary team were very annoying

2. The sound was off for the majority of the show.

3. With Lucha Underground as good as it is with Storytelling and the fast paced action inside the Temple, this show with a few of the stars of Lucha Underground was nowhere near as entertaining.

4. This show happened months ago and knowing that it lost some of its appeal.

The best things about the show apart from the in ring action was Taya turning on Pentagon and Johnny Mundo’s entrance.


Rey Mysterio Prince Puma and Aztec Dragon Jr vs Marty The Moth Martinez, Matanza Cuerto and Mils Muertes. Mysterio wins with 619 followed up by a Springboard Frogsplash

AAA Latin American Championship
Pentagon Jr vs Johnny Mundo. Mundo defeated Pentagon after Taya turned on Pentagon and joined forces with Johnny Mundo



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