Lucha Underground Review

This weeks episode not only saw the start of The Cuerto Cuo but also the return of Pentagon Dark. It is not long before we see Pentagon as he barges in to the office of Dario Cuerto demanding he gets his hands on Black Lotus. Dario informs him Lotus is not here and then tells him he will be in the Cuerto Cup tonight.


Opening Round

The Mack defeated Mala Suerte with a Stunner.

Dario finds Cage backstage and he is still trying to figure out what is going on with this mechanical hand he now has. Dario gives him an address and tells him all his questions will be answered there.

Pentagon Dark defeated Argenis with a Package Piledriver then after the match he breaks Argenis’ arm.

Texano defeated Famous B with a Sit Out Power Bomb not before Famous B laid down and told Texano to pin him however after a two count Texano stopped the count and decided to punish Famous B.

I’m not to sure if the vignette for the title match between Mysterio and Mundo was supposed to be funny but I found it hilarious. The chessey 80’s music and feel to it was brilliant as was the Ozzie guy doing the voice over.

Drago defeated Aerostar. After the match Cobra Moon who now seems to be manipulating the mind of Drago told him to kill his former friend that he had turned on the week previously. Drago punished Aerostar and then was put back in chains by Cobra Moon.

The lady segment saw Cage arrive at City Hall. He enters an office and there is a guy in a suit who tries to explain that he can help Cage. Cage gets angry and chokes the guy then apologises only to then punch the guy in the face completely smashing through his head and killing him. Cage walks out squashing the guys eyeball as he leaves.

From the beginning till the end this show had everything you could ask for from a Wrestling TV Show. There was story and character development, drama, suspense, comedy and great wrestling matches with stakes and with some a story involved. I for one am looking forward to the continuation of these stories and the build up and match between  Mysterio vs Mundo.



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