NXT Review


Drew McIntyre defeated Rob Ryzin in a pointless squash match. I don’t get why he is on this show in the first place he is far better than the majority of the main roster. He doesn’t need enhancement matches, he and the people he could have great feuds with need to start working together so he can help them get over.

AOP defeated two jobbers in yet another pointless squash match. But I did like the stare down between AOP and Heavy Machinery. This definitely made me want to see the four brutes beat the crap out of each other.


The Velveteen Dream defeated Raul Mendoza with an Elbow Drop off the top rope. I enjoyed the Velveteen character at least the guy is trying something and I like how the gimmick influences his wrestling style.

NXT Women’s Championship
3 Way Elimination Match
Asuka vs Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross. It was Riot that was eliminated first then Asuka and Cross had one the best brawl I have ever seen between two women in wrestling history. They battled throughout the building and then Cross dived on to Asuka of the balcony driving Asuka through a table. The one thing I didn’t get was why if this was a three way match usually there is no dq and no count out but for some strange reason that was never really explained but I guess it was a good way to continue the feud and hopefully we will see a one on one match between Asuka and Cross at the next Takeover show.



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