ICW Fight Club Review


The show began with Dallas arguing in the ring with Red Lighting, Grado and they were soon joined by ICW World Heavyweight Champion Joe Coffey. Then Dallas informed everyone of who will be the Guest Commissioner for Fear and Loathing, Big Sexy Kevin Nash there was s small reaction from the crowd, maybe they were hoping for someone else? Then Dallas told Grado and Joe that they would have a tag match on the first day of Shug’s Hoose Party and their first opponent for that match came out and it was Sha Samuels but he informed Dallas that he has no pals left in ICW but then on the video screen there was an image of a man suddenly the crowd exploded when they realised it was The Scottish Super Nova, The Jewdi Warrior himself Noam Dar !!!! He informed everyone he would be Sha’s partner for One Night Only !!! It’s awesome WWE are allowing Dar to do a one off show and I like others am intrigued to see what Nash will do at Fear and Loathing (apart from blow out a quad). I am starting to really enjoy the Heel characters portrayed by Grado and Coffey. The antagonistic style Grado performs is perfect and he is still very funny as for Coffey he is perfect as being a badass that is just better than everyone else and the fact these two have a common Interest (Money) makes Red Lightning the perfect man to lead these two.


Kid Fite, Lou King Sharp and Krieger attacked BT Gunn on the street. This 3 man gang is impressive and theycould be a very strong unit that could bolster the tag team division in ICW.


Iesyten Rees defeated Prince Asad with A Winged Jones Driver and pinned him with one foot for a Five Count. Getting a bit tired of seeing Rees squash guys every week. Even though they made this slightly more entertaining by Rees telling Asad that he had to beat Rees with a 2 count pin fall but Rees had to beat him with a 5 count pin fall. It’s time we see what he can do against bigger names within ICW.


BT Gunn defeated Kid Fite with a roll up but he was attacked after the match by the impressive trio of Fite, Krieger and Sharp.

ICW Women’s Championship
Scottish Rules Match
Kay Lee Ray retained her title. Even though Moth was up by pin falls and Kay Lee Ray we found out was a complete lightweight thanks to interference from Kasey the match was called off. This was another hilarious Scottish Rules match just a shame the way it was ended. Whiplash snuck out to the ring and informed KLR and Stevie that they will be facing him and Renfrew in a Death Match at Tram Spotting 2 not before going completely bonkers and stripping down to his little white pants.


Zero G Championship
Kenny Williams defeated Dickie Divers to retain the title after Divers was distracted in his feud with Ref Thomas Kearnis, Kenny hit his finisher in Divers for the win.

As Kenny is leaving ringside he is hit in the head with a chair shot from Gibson who then drags Kenny back to the ring and attempts to break Kenny’s arm by stamping on a chair that has is arm trapped in. Luckily Kenny was able to escape but now it seems that these two will clash for the Zero G title to see who is the rightful champion.

Divers finds Kearnis back stage and begins to attack him but is pulled of by security.

Good Housekeeping Match
Wolfgang vs Liam Thomson. With a Howling Senton whilst Liam was wrapped up in a rug. Not before he was tricked by Wolfgang who offered a cake to Liam but whilst Liam enjoyed a piece of cake he did not notice Wolfgang had pulled out a pair of brass knucks until it was to late and Wolfgang nailed him right between the eyes. Even though he was unsuccessful Thomson was very impressive in this match. The Coast to Coast and drop kicking a washing machine in to Wolfgang who was tied in a tree of woe in the corner. Then there was the viscous DDT on to the washing machine to Wolfy that looked like it could of been the end but some how the big bad wolf would not stay down and in the end he walked away with the win.


Another very entertaining wrestling show. The two gimmick matches were hilarious and the action was as always first class.


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