Impact Wrestling Review



Sony Six Invitational Battle Royal
Suicide vs Matt Sydal vs Davey Richards vs KM vs Swoggle vs Eddie Edwards vs Spud vs Kongo Kong vs Moose vs Mahalabi Sheera. Sheera wins defeating KM with a Sky High.

EC3 in ring promo with an Indian interpreter after trashing India for a few moments the interpreter refused to say the things EC3 wanted him to so EC3 whipped him until James Storm rushed to the ring and chased of EC3.

Josh Matthews exhibition warm up for his tag match with Scott Steiner against Jeremy Borash and Joseph Parks. Matthews sparing session was against a local guy named Sandeep and after humiliating the guy for a few minutes Sheera came out to stop Matthews but he was attacked by Lashley. Matthews locked the Steiner Recliner on Sheera but then El Patron made the save. I’m liking the obnoxious Matthews but not sure why Sheera, Lashley and Patron got involved in this segment hit made little sense.

I thought techie segments of JB and Parks preparing for their match at Slammiversary was hilarious especially them watching video tapes of Steiner’s promo’s and them putting over his math skills.

Braxton Sutter defeated Trevor Lee with a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker

In ring talking segment between Moose and Eli Drake who was accompanied by Chris Adonis. This showed again how good Drake is in the mic. Drake and Adonis are unsuccessful in their attempts to attack Moose then he informs them he will let them know who is Tag partner will be for Slammiversary.

The icing on the cake of all these very entertaining video packages from JB and Borash was when Big Poppa Pump video called them and told them he is going to beat both their fat asses at Slammiversary.


X Division Championship
Sonjay Dutt defeated Low Ki to win the X division title for the first time. I really enjoyed the build for this match throughout the show all the video packages did a great job telling the story and hyping up the main event. I was really pleased for Dutt he is an X division original and one of the guys that got me hooked on TNA all those years ago and the fact that he was never champion before now was baffling this is definitely one of those moments when you can truly say that he more than deserves it.

I did enjoy the Impact shows in India, the fans were excited throughout the whole show and I thought the ring announcer they used was far better than Spud and I preferred JB and Matthews on commentary instead of the Pope. I felt with these two helped build up their feud even more and they still managed to get over the other feuds on the card. For so long Impact gets a lot of negativity from many wrestling fans but all I will say is the one thing that I noticed that they put in to every show that WWE doesn’t and that’s creative effort. They try and that’s better than not.







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