IMG_1832Pre Show

Hype Bros defeated The Colons. Many expected a heel turn from Ryder but I think it’s far too soon for that. I think maybe they may do it a In a couple of weeks after they have won a few matches maybe even have a title match and lose. Then I would have Mojo turn on Ryder.

Women’s  Money In The Bank

Carmella defeated Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Natalya and Tamina. The first ever Women’s MITB match was won thanks to James Ellsworth pulling down the case and dropping it to Carmella. This for me was probably the best way to end this match. Carmella now has a ton of heat and can either feud with either women that were in the match or just go straight in to teasing when she will cash in on the champ. Also now everyone will want to see one or more of the women get their hands on Ellsworth and I think if booked well could be a very entertaining match. I’m thinking Becky vs Ellsworth, this was a good match with a shocking finish that will be remembered more than if any of the others in the match winning it.

WWE SDLIVE Tag Team Championship

New Day defeated The Usos via count out. This was Tag Team wrestling at its best. Both teams did an excellent job the only thing that they could of done differently is the ending. I don’t like that The Usos walked away from the fight. If anything they should of got deliberately disqualified at least then they keep their heat but retreating made them look like pussies.

WWE SDLIVE Women’s Championship

Naomi defeated Lana via submission. Wow Lana looked HOT!! She also really impressed me for someone who has not been wrestling for that long. The match was decent and I also liked the tease from Carmella.

Maria and Mike Kanellis debuted and it was totally cringe worthy but in a way that made it entertaining. Let’s see what they do with these two talented individuals before crapping all over it.

WWE Championship match

Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton. This was a very good classic Heel vs Face wrestling match and apart from the finish being exactly the same as their last match I really enjoyed it. Orton was awesome and did a great job throughout and even though it was the same as last time I liked seeing him batter the Bollywood Boys. Jinder was also very impressive and is improving massively in the ring and looks great. The one problem I have is that they need to build every show around him and focus more on his character. I would have them fly him out to India have a celebration there, have him doing a speech to people and then shoot a few video packages of him in a mansion or a Palace with him showing of how rich and powerful he is. They could air these over the coming weeks and he would get more heat and I think his entrance should be more over the top as well. It should be like a parade when he comes to the ring with dancers, musicians and either have him carried to the ring by people on a throne or even riding something else. I think they may try and get one more match out of Jinder and Orton probably a steel cage match then I think it should be on to either Cena or maybe AJ.

The Fashion Vice sketch was fantastic and even though the end result was a pointless squashing of The Ascension, I do find The Fashion Police entertaining but at least give them something more than this. The tag division on SDLIVE is strong it’s the booking and use of them that is weak. When you have nothing for a talented team like American Alpha then something is wrong.


Men’s Money In The Bank Match

Baron Corbin defeated AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler. This was one of the best MITB matches I have watched in a long time. The story told throughout was great with Nakamura returning near the end of the match after being attacked during his entrance by Corbin and carried to the back. Corbin winning was the correct choice the other guys apart from Sami Zayn (who I thought could of won as well, but he did put on one of his best performances since coming to SDLIVE) are already top draw names on the show and I think Corbin needed this much more than the others. It’s what they do with him now because ever since he won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal they did nothing with him. He now needs a few big wins under his belt. It is easy to see that he will be feuding with Nakamura after this and while I very much doubt he will win this feud but it would help him so much if he managed to get a win somehow. They need more top guys and the only way to do that is by having other top guys put them over.


Overall I enjoyed this show while some of the finishes were not as creative as I thought the WWE were capable of , I did enjoy the effort put forth by all the performers.




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