Raw Review


This weeks Raw kicked off with Roman’s Big Announcement and it was he is the number one contender after Brock vs Joe. So we are meant to believe that after a number one contenders match at the last big show that now Roman has the power to just declare himself the number one contender. That’s just lazy creatively. Joe comes out and has a few words for Roman, Roman fires back, they brawl and as always Roman gets the better of his opponent. As predictable as ever a match is made later in the show with Roman vs Joe.

The Hardys defeated Anderson and Gallows
This was a pointless match and did nothing but make Anderson and Gallows seem even less important.

Another Goldust promo I do like these but they have been to many now and they need to Progress the feud. I know there is a match between him and Truth next week but I’m hoping they do something to drag the feud out further so their is another match on at Great Balls Of Fire that actually has a compelling story behind it.

We were going to get another song from Elias Samson but he was interrupted by Finn Balor and left because Finn is just so dam cool.

Finn Balor defeated Bo Dallas. Bo came out all guns blazing and looked really good (I like this Bo) and even though he lost in a short match he was impressive. I have said it before and I will say it again, if they can’t find anything for Balor (no one wants to see him squash Samson) then put him on 205 the guy could carry the show and would have an epic feud with Neville.

Rollins spoke about himself being on the cover of the new computer game. The one thing that made me laugh out loud was when the crowd started chanting ” You Deserve It”. It’s a fucking game for fuck sake. Then we had the pleasure of another pointless ramble from Bray and it was made even more pointless when he came to the ring only to be taken out by a flying Rollins. 👏👏Well done guys way to make a heel look Fucking Pointless 👏👏(You really are fucking morons).

Balor was attacked backstage and the only thing that interested the fans was D-Von was the agent that found him. Shows already that no one gives a fuck about a feud between these two.

Tozawa defeated TJP. I am so glad they have put Tozawa with Titus he is so entertaining maybe some of his charisma will rub off of some of the others in 205. I don’t think a feud with Neville is right for Tozawa yet I believe Neville would benefit from working with Balor who is the right size and weight for 205 and these two would kill it. Let’s make it happen #NevilleVsBalor

Miz invites Bo and Axel to join his Entourage.

Samoa Joe defeated Roman Reigns. This was a very good hard fought battle that had a perfect finish. Everyone involved came off like looking strong, Reigns had Joe beat but the distraction from an Ambulance pulling up and Strowman jumping out was enough for Joe to lock in a choke and it was all over. Yet again Joe beat Roman so they are going to come back to that at some point, Braun vs Reigns in an Ambulance match will be awesome and it did enough to build up Joe getting him ready for Brock.

Miz Tv and of course out came Ambrose to spoil the night for Miz and Maryse. While he managed to piss off Maryse it did seem like he may get the upper hand once again but then there were two bears in the ring which made it plainly obvious what was going to happen next. The bears jumped Ambrose and after they had done enough damage the revealed themselves to be Bo and Axel and it seems like The Miz’s Entourage is born. This has the potential to be something good and I’m glad they are giving the very talented duo of Axel and Bo something to do.


Sheamus and Cesaro defeated Titus and Apollo
This was another pointless match why not do something more creative ? Give these guys a fighting chance to get over for Fuck Sake … Dumb Fucks. The Titus Brand is entertaining and they just went and cut their balls off. How stupid can they be ?

That video package was with the wrestlers reading the lyrics to the song Great Balls Of Fire was Fucking Lame, It was The Drizzling Shits.

Speaking of the Drizzling Shits, there was a Women’s segment and the people who write for them and direct them are indeed The Drizzling Shits at what they do and it’s starting to rub off on the women as they all come across as amateurs. If this is what a Revolution looks like then I’m good thanks.


Okay I liked the segment to finish of the show and at last an end to that repetitive shit and nonsense that Enzo Amore continually spouted. I’m ready to see this so called potential of Big Cass and get Enzo over to 205 were he can help with the entertainment aspect of that show and wrestle guys his size. The things I liked about this story was how it was spread out throughout the whole show with Angle talking to everyone involved backstage, then when Cass had been found out he delivered a great promo and Enzo sold it brilliantly. The one thing I disliked about this was the whole involvement of Corey Graves he made Angle look incompetent and a complete fucking idiot. Is Corey supposed to be the new generation of stooge because that would be perfect because someone that bad definitely had to lick a lot of ass to get in the position he is in.

This was a much better Raw than most weeks. But overall two good segments don’t make a show great if you compare it to when the show actually was great but you would have to go back about 15 years to find that.








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