Smackdown Review


All the Women were bitching to Bryan at the beginning of the show backstage.

Then Carmella had an in ring promo. It was with out a doubt the best in ring promo I have heard from her or any woman on Smackdown. She looked hot and after seeing this I had no doubt that they made the correct choice at Money In The Bank.

Charlotte bitching to Bryan backstage

Big E defeated Jimmy Uso

Natalya and Tamina bitching to Bryan backstage

Boring Orton interview

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Dolph Ziggler

Sami and Bryan talking backstage and Sami is getting another match against Corbin next week. Becky shows up and more bitching about Carmella to Bryan.

Kevin Owens has his open challenge. AJ comes out and then out comes Chad Gable and in probably the most entertaining part of the show claims he had just moved to Ohio that morning. Owens defeated Gable in an okay match, Gable put on a very good performance and it baffles me why he and Jason Jordan are not used more on Smackdown.

Hype Bros with Bryan backstage they want a shot at the tag titles. They already won a match to be number one contenders 6 months ago. But since then the tag division has changed and they have to earn it again by defeating The Usos next week. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks there may be a heel turn coming with The Hype Bros but the real question is who will turn ? I think it would be better for Mojo to turn heel and have a feud with Ryder.

Finally Daniel Bryan came out then called out all the women and stripped Carmella of the Money In The Bank Briefcase. Then he said there would be a rematch next week. So after a whole show being wasted on something that could of been done in one segment and having to endure shit promo after shit promo from all women involved except Carmella, they treated us to even more shockers as each women got another chance to bitch a little more. This whole thing made them look like little kids whining because something is not fair. It was complete bullshit, what was the point in Carmella winning the match if they were going to do a rematch on TV ? She actually got real heat and her promo at the beginning of the show proved it was the correct decision as finally more people actually gave a shit about the Women’s division on Smackdown. I just hope she wins again, I don’t think any of them would benefit from it like she would, Charlotte will get a shot at the title no matter what, the same could be said for Becky, Tamina just plain sucks and Natalya is just irritating. So Carmella is really the only choice in my opinion that would benefit from it and could have a good heel run as Champion and if they build her up as a good heel then whom ever beats her will get elevated more and I think the only person to do that would be Becky Lynch. I would have Ellsworth some how screw her again and Carmella wins. Then I would have Becky and Carmella have a feud that ends with Carmella winning it thanks to constant interference from Ellsworth while Charlotte and Naomi feud over the title with Charlotte winning it at say SummerSlam then Carmella cashes in after the match and wins the title. The next SD PPV Charlotte and Carmella have a match over the belt with Carmella winning with some sought of shenanigans. Also at the same show Becky has a one on one match with Ellsworth if she loses she will never get a shot at the title while Carmella is champion but if she wins not only will she get a title shot but Ellsworth is gone from SD forever. Becky wins and then you go in to a feud with Carmella and Becky with Becky winning the belt at a SD PPV.

Jinder Mahal defeated Luke Harper. Then he was yet again struck with an RKO from Orton in a carbon copy of what happened last week on SD. Now if they actually see Jinder as a long term champion then why is he only on the show for 15 minutes instead of making him and the title the main focus of the show. I am completely baffled that they just threw him on the show in a match that meant fuck all with no story and then they made him look s complete idiot by having him attacked two weeks in a row. They will say they gave him a chance and he failed but who can get over with shocking booking like this never have I seen a champion seem so unimportant than they are doing right now and the strange thing is there is so much potential in the Jinder Mahal character he could be a big deal but I just don’t think they know what to do or they would be doing it.

This show baffled me like I said the focus of any wrestling show should be around the World Championship and whomever is the champion. Instead this show was a complete bitch fest with far to much time dedicated to the women of the show. There was no Fashion Police (the most entertaining thing about SDLIVE in the last few weeks) and there was no Maria and Mike who I was looking forward to seeing more of and finding out more about their characters. After Money In The Bank was so good this was a complete fuck up.


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