AAA Review


Copa Triple Mania Battle Royal

Pimpinela E, HP Morgan, Taurus, Daga, La Parka, El Zorro, Australian Suicide, Hernandez, Argenis, Super Fly, Mamba and El Elegido. Suicide and Daga last two, Suicide wins with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Splash. Ref did not see Daga’s foot on rope. An angry Daga then attacks Suicide and rips off his mask.

Averno & Chessman vs Faby Apache and Mary Apache Guest Referee El Apache ended in a Disqualification when Chesman hit one of the Apache Sisters in the head with a steel chair busting her open.


Well the second show for AAA in the UK had a couple of highlights, well only two really and that was La Parka is still looking good and was very entertaining and then there was the ending of the Battle Royal that was really exciting and the heat Daga got for ripping of the mask was amazing.

But for those two positives there were far to many negatives for my liking. I can’t stand the commentary team, now I do respect everything Alex Shane has done for British Wrestling but I find him really annoying and can’t stand his pathetic attempts to be funny. He and Dave Bradshaw spend most of the time arguing back and forth about the stupid comments made by Shane rather than concentrating on helping get the guys in the ring over. The sound quality was yet again out of time and was even more noticeable and I’m sorry that whole main event just straight up Sucked Balls. I was so excited about watching AAA and so far it has been a massive disappointment. If they could maybe find a better commentary team then maybe it would at least be slightly more watchable but for now these two are really ruining the show for me.


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