Impact Review


There was a very cool video package about Sonjay Dutt winning the X Division Title as the show started.

Then Laurel and Sienna were backstage and Sienna was trying to get The Hot Mess Laurel Van Ness to Focus before their tag match later in the show. I find Laurel’s character very over the top but also very entertaining at the same time.

Sony Six Way Elimination X Match
Trevor Lee vs Davey Richards vs Suicide vs Braxton Sutter vs Eddie Edwards vs Matt Sydal. Braxton Sutter eliminated by Trevor Lee with a roll up and a fist full of tights. Suicide eliminated by Trevor Lee with a Jumping Double Foot Stomp. Davey Richards disqualified for throwing chair at the head of Eddie Edwards. Eddie Edwards disqualified for suplexing Richards on to a chair. Sydal defeated Trevor Lee and won Sony Six X Cup. An exciting opening match with the story between Richards and Edwards playing a big part of it also the final two ( Lee and Sydal) had an awesome battle to end the match.

Spud on streets of Mumbai India, sees Swoogle. Women steals his phone, they go to fight but are stopped by another Little Person. I found all of this very entertaining.

LVN and Sienna defeated Allie and Rosemary

Dutt had an in ring celebration with dancers and music along with Mahalabi Sheera after winning the X division title but it is interrupted by Low Ki. Dutt accepted Low Ki’s challenge for a rematch and said it would be at Slammiversary in a two out of three falls. Low Ki then attacks both Dutt and Sheera and doesn’t stop until Matt Sydal comes to their aid. A good segment considering promos are not their strongest asset they did a good job. I would of preferred it if Mahal and Dutt had turned on Low Ki but what they did do worked really well and fed in to the next segment and story perfectly.

KM vs Mahalabi Sheera. After being attacked and injured by Low Ki officials try to stop Sheera on his way to the ring. But he still was able to defeat KM with a Sky High then Kongo Kong came out and attacked him. Kong and KM were two much for an already injured Sheera to manage and then when Kong hit a big splash of the top there was no way Sheera was getting back up. I liked how this story of Sheera played out and there is definitely more to come from both Sheera and this feud.

These video packages leading up to the tag match with Borash & Parks vs Matthews & Stiener have been absolutely hilarious. I loved it when Borash and Patks got a video call from Steiner “Fat Ass” and instead of hanging up they ran away. There training regime has also been comedic gold. This match may stink up the building but the story and the execution of these packages really are getting me kind of excited to see it.

Moose announced his tag partner to battle Eli Drake and Chris Adonis at Slammiversary and it is non other than former NFL Star DeAngelo Williams during the video package used to announce Williams both Adonis and Drake attacked Moose and left him laying in the middle of the ring.

E Singh 3 and Bobby Lashley vs Alberto El Parton and James Storm. EC3 had a name change and his entrance changed to go along with it and I thought it was hilarious. El Patron and Storm win the match via DQ after E Singh 3 lost it and started to whip the Ref with a Leather Strap. The four men brawled in the ring as the show went of the air.

I found this show overall easy to watch and for most of it I was entertained. They are doing a fantastic job building every match that is on the card for Slammiversary and even though I am not a fan of either guy in the main event I am looking forward to other matches on this card.







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