Lucha Underground Review


Every match on this weeks episode were first round matches in the Cuerto Cup.

Vinnie Massaro vs Cage
Cage dominates Massaro in a short match. After the match Cage Smashed Massaro in the face with his mechanical glove busting him open.

Marty the Moth Martinez defeated Saltador
Two of the more deranged characters did battle but it was The Moth who moved forward to the next round of the Cuerto Cup

Mascarita Segrada had to deal with Paul London who by the way is a complete lunatic now but he is playing the part perfectly and the whole segment was not only baffling but brilliant.

Marty’s obsession with Melissa Santos is getting worse. As he now seems to Of built some sort of shrine. It is only getting creepier with this dude and now the story seems to be evolving in to a love triangle with The Moth, Melissa and Fenix.

Pindar defeated Mascarita Sagrada
This was in my opinion the most entertaining match of the show. Even though you new Sagrada had no chance winning it was still very entertaining to see what he can do in a ring and I was left astonished by some of the moves he pulled off and even though he lost this was by far the best performance I have seen from him.

Fenix defeated Mariposa with a Fenix Driver. Marty attacks Fenix from behind but Fenix fights back and takes out The Moth and Mariposa to end the show.

Can’t say a bad word about this show it has everything a true wrestling fan could ask for. I am loving the video packages for the Match between Mysterio and Mundo. The way they are put together is not only hilarious but then they do a great job in telling their stories and hyping up this match. I can’t wait to see if Mundo will take Mysterio to Slam Town.


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