ROH: Best In The World 2017 Review



The build for this show made it unmissable and if you were lucky enough to watch it then you will agree it was one of the best shows this year in wrestling.

El Terrible & Ultimo Gurerro defeated Vinnie Marselgia with a Roll Up. The match was perfect to kick off the show, both teams got the fans on their feet and making loads of noise and they all seemed fully invested in this match. As for the match itself I thought it was put together perfectly, it started slow and built and built with the pace of the match getting faster by the minute and the added inclusion of Lucha Rules made it even more exciting. Even though the Kingdom were on top for the majority of the match with the help of outside interference from TK O’Ryan I think they got to cocky and the veteran Gurerro capitalised and rolled up Marselgia to win the match.

Strap Match

Frankie Kazarian defeated Hangman Page  when he hanged Page with the strap choking him until he tapped out. This feud that started when Frankie got one over on the Bullet Club has been phenomenal, the war between The Addiction and The Bullet Club is arguably the feud of the year and after this match and the main event of the night it’s hard to disagree. This was one of the more brutal Strap matches I have witnessed in a long time, the punishment both men took was astonishing especially when Page pulled out the Strap with Nails and Thumbtacks glued to it. Both men delivered sickening shots from the modified strap but it was Kazarian who got the better of Page and after a few shots he then threw him from the edge of the ring on to the exposed floor below. That was the beginning of the end as Kazarian took his chance to hang Page with a strap wrapped around his neck and he used the ropes for leverage and then pulled the strap tighter from inside the ring as Page dangled helplessly outside the ring until he tapped and then shortly after that he passed out. A great match and both men put everything on the line to add more drama and suspense to this feud and now after he defeated Page who is next in line from the Bullet Club for Kazarian ?

Search & Destroy defeated The Rebellion. The stipulation that was put on this match was that the losing Faction had to disband and after a very fast paced action packed match it ended with every member of The Rebellion locked in a Submission by both Motor City Machine Guns, Jay White and Jonathan Gresham had Rhett Titus locked in an Octopus Stretch pounding on his head until he had no choice but to give in and submit. After the match Punishment Martinez hit the ring and took out Gresham and his rival Jay White with a Chokeslam.

Jay Lethal was able to defeat Silas Young after reversing a roll up in to his own pinning opportunity and was able to keep Young trapped for the three count. The story behind this feud was perfect, The Real Man has been sick of how Jay Lethal gets everything from title shots, sponsorship deals and his overall popularity. To add to that there was the backstage attack where Young and injured the leg of Lethal and then there was the two pin fall victories he already had over Lethal. I was astonished with the unbelievable agility of Young in this match as he and Lethal put together a very good match with Young dominating most of the contest with the help of his tag partner The Beer City Bruiser (check out our interview with BCB it’s a great read) it seemed like Young would win but even though Lethal was able to get the win it was Young who was walking away as Lethal was left laying on the mat seriously injured after Young and BCB attacked him with the use of a Beer barrel injuring the ribs of Lethal and then BCB hit a frog splash on Lethal who was laid out on a table outside the ring. So after these actions I’m sure this feud is far from over.

6 Man Tag Team Championship

Dalton Castle and The Boys defeated The Briscoes and Bully Ray to become the new 6 Man Tag Champs. This was another very entertaining match with Dalton Castle undoubtably being the star of this contest. It was the obsession that Jay Briscoe had with punishing The Boys for costing him a match a few weeks ago that cost his team to lose the match. All six men gave a great performance but when Jay finally got his hands on The Boys outside he had to be stopped from beating the hell out of them by Bully Ray but it was this moment when Dalton struck and hit Mark Briscoe with a Roll Up and won the match.

World Television Championship

Kushida defeated Marty Scurll. The rematch between one of the hottest prospects from Japan and the best wrestler from the UK was even better than the first time these two clashed and it was just more proof as to why they are rated so highly by everyone. Kushida was able to retain his title after he hit his second Back To The Future Finisher after he hit the first one of the top rope. While it sucks that Marty lost it was a very good match and I am sure Marty will be winning more gold in ROH (maybe the six man belts with the Bucks ? And without a doubt he is a future World Champion).

World Tag Team Championship

The Young Bucks defeated War Machine and Best Friends with a very innovative Indy Taker. The team of Trent Barretta and Chuck Taylor added themselves to the match and even though they lost they were really impressive. I would really like to see them get another shot in a normal tag match against the Bucks but as for this one it was fast paced and did seem to be over very quick but there ain’t no Party Like A Super Kick Party 🤘This was one of the best I have seen as The Bucks put on an outstanding performance and proved yet again why they are the best tag team in the world.

World Heavwieght Championship

Cody defeated Christopher Daniels to win his first ever World Championship and finally proved what every one of his fans had been saying for years that he is Championship material it’s WWE’s bad luck that they let one of the best in the world walk away. But I am glad he did as this match would not be a contender for match of the year. The story heading in to this was told perfectly and they continued to tell it throughout this match and after a second Cross Rhodes Daniels could not kick out and the celebration started.

Maybe one too many matches finished with Roll Ups but every match belonged on this PPV, they all had a story and stakes which always makes them seem that more important and the show as a whole that much better.





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