RAW Review


This weeks Raw kicked off with Roman delivering a good in ring promo accepting the Ambulance match against Strowman at Great Balls of Fire, he was then interrupted by an Ambulance backing in to the arena. As Roman checked out the Ambulance he was attacked from behind by Braun and The Monster Among Men made The Big Dog his Puppy Dog Bitch as he threw him around and then in to the Ambulance. A great start to the show.

Hardy Boyz and Finn Balor vs Elias Samson, Sheamus and Cesaro. I really enjoy the Samson character but I was slightly disappointed we didn’t get to hear him sing. While it was an okay 6 man, it went to long, had two advert breaks and it did not look at all realistic when Balor ran through Cesaro and Sheamus with ease made these two big guys look weak when selling like that to a guy that is that much smaller.

Another Goldust Promo announcing that he is back tonight.

Goldust vs R Truth. This was a great way to further the story between these two and hopefully they will now be put on the GBOF show. I did like the Cameraman gimmick Goldust has but that guys suit was awful. The match itself never actually started as Goldust attacked Truth and continued his assault until the Ref got  him to stop.

Heyman backstage is talking with Charlie and is snuck up from behind by Joe who wraps his arm around his throats and then tells him that it’s not for him but Lesnar.

Miz Tv with Lavar, Lamelo and Lonzo Ball  was a complete Train Wreck that only got worse when Ambrose came along and made it even worse  with his usual badly scripted promo.

Ambrose, Rhyno and Slater vs Miz, Axel and Bo Dallas. Another boring six man tag but we did at least get to see The Miztourage in action and they kept their heat by stealing a victory which is the most important thing.

A well told video package of the story of Enzo and Cass and what happened over the last few weeks.

Enzo comes to the ring and calls out Big Cass demanding answers for what went down last week. Enzo and Cass lay it all out and then Cass says sorry. Everything seems sorted until Cass attacks Enzo on the entrance ramp as the two left the ring together. It was a very emotional and well put together segment that only made you hate Cass that much more.

After the advert break Cass warns Corey Graves to stay out of his business. But the more important thing is what dirt does  Corey have over Kurt Angle ?

Curt Hawkins got squashed by Seth Rollins. Hawkins was entertaining before the match and looked good in the beginning but after a few minutes of offence Rollins took over and dominated the match and finished Hawkins with a Knee to the face. Bray came on the Screen and gave another one of his promos that are seemingly the same for every feud he has. But then every feud he has the story is always the same and now it’s boring and so is he.

Heyman han an in ring promo talking about the brawl between Lesnar and Joe and the match that will happen at Great Balls Of Fire. He introduced Lesnar and as Brock made his way to the ring he was attacked from behind by Joe and choked out, Lesnar tried to fight back but Joe would not give in and eventually took Brock down. This was the perfect way to build up Joe and it made him look a lot stronger heading in to his match with Lesnar.

Lince Dorado vs Neville. I thought the VIP section roped of for Tozawa compliments of The Titus Brand was cool. But the match itself was not that memorable, Neville dominated most of the contest and I still can’t see anyone on his level on the 205 roster they need to bring in Finn for the love of god #NevilleVsBalor let’s get it trending.

An awesome  backstage promo from Heyman about what he thinks will happen at Great Balls Of Fire. His delivery and intensity was awesome.

6 Women’s Gauntlet Match

It started with Nia Jack and Bayley, Nia beat Bayley with ease, next was Mickie James and Nia dominated her, Dana Brooke lasted all of a minute, Emma lasted slightly longer but her fate was the same after a Samoan Drop then came the final entrant The Boss Sasha Banks. After the longest one on one in the gauntlet and Nia dominating Sasha like she had the whole contest showing how much she has improved, it was Sasha who was somehow able to make Nia tap with arguably the weakest looking submission hold since John Cena’s STF to become the number one contender. Bliss came to the ring and held up the belt only to get knocked on her arse by Sasha to end the show.

There is no doubt they are trying a lot harder creatively and it really shows as every part of the show felt like it deserved to be there and it was not just put on at the last minute except for maybe the Rollins/Hawkins match. But overall I found it entertaining and not such a chore to watch and it did a great job in building all the feuds and matches for Great Balls Of Fire.


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