The Fantastic Story Of David Francisco

We have had the pleasure of seeing David Francisco perform once for Progress Wrestling and then for New Force Wrestling. Both times he made a huge impression and proved why he is not only the best wrestler from Portugal but also he has the potential to be the best in Europe and we are positive that it won’t be long before he is known all over the world as one of the best. His story is one that is truly inspirational and makes you realise that if you are willing to work hard enough anything is possible.


UWR:  Where are you from ?

Francisco: Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, now residing in Chiswick Riverside, West London.

UWR: How old are you ?

Francisco: I just turned 25!


UWR: Growing up were you a fan of Pro Wrestling ?

Francisco: Yes. I started watching around the age of 13, and never stopped since.

UWR: Where did you train to become a Wrestler, who trained you and how old were you ?

Francisco: I started training at 14 years old in Portugal. Many people from Portugal had a hand in my training, but Bruno Brito and Ruben Branco had the biggest influence. Ever since I moved to the UK, the PROJO has been my “home” school and I’ve had the luck of being under the guidance of Darrell Allen, Jimmy Havoc, James Davis and Eddie Dennis, just to name a few. Not to mention all the seminars…


UWR: Who were some of your influences growing up?

Francisco: Shawn Michaels has always been my favourite wrestler and my biggest influence growing up, by far.

UWR:  Are your family and friends supportive of your Pro Wrestling Career?

Francisco: It depends if they are from the wrestling world as well or not. When I made my decision of moving from Portugal to the UK because of pro wrestling, there were those who thought it was a terrible idea and there were those who were right.


UWR: I’m sure like every Wrestler you remember your first match. So who was in the match ? Did it go well ? And what do you remember most about it ?

Francisco: My first match was a Royal Rumble style match, with students and some less experienced wrestlers from Portugal. It went fine for what it was, but if I watch it today, I’ll scream at my young self because I had no idea what I was doing!

UWR: For people that have never seen You perform can you describe your character and wrestling style ?

Francisco: I’m one of the best professional wrestlers in the world right now. I have a style that wins.


UWR:  In your opinion what is the best match you have ever seen.

Francisco: Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania 25.

UWR: What in your opinion is your best match or opponent you have ever had ?

Francisco: They both happened in Portugal, as my opportunities for long matches and main events have been more numerous. It’s a tie between the match against Bruno “Bammer” Brito and David “Cougar” Batista.


UWR: What is your proudest moment from your time in Pro Wrestling ?

Francisco: The bravery of leaving everything behind and chasing my dream. And all the championships I’ll still win.

UWR: Are there any wrestlers on the Indy scene you would like to wrestle that you have never wrestled before ?

Francisco: The first names that come to mind today are Mark Andrews, Travis Banks, Matt Riddle, Jack Sexsmith and Jimmy Havoc. And Mark Haskins, Chuck Mambo, Darrell Allen… There are so many, this list would be reductive.

UWR: If you could choose any wrestler in history to have a match with who would it be ?

Francisco: Shawn Michaels!

UWR: Are there any companies that you would like to work for in the future?

Francisco: I would love to expand all over the UK and Europe. I’m working hard to one day me being a regular in PROGRESS, Rev Pro, Fight Club Pro, and even PWG, Evolve, NJPW, to name a few, is not a surprising thing.

UWR: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in Wrestling?

Francisco: Self awareness. Be sure of what you want and don’t full yourself. If you really want it, do what it takes to get it. If you don’t do that, then you don’t really want it.

UWR:  Where can people see you perform next?

Francisco: At the next Freedoms Road tapings, 27 of June in Tufnell Park!

Follow Fantastic David Francisco on Twitter @davidfantastic_


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