Smackdown Review


The show kicks off with Bryan in the ring he is joined by Carmella and Ellsworth. Carmella complains about having to do over the MITB match and does a great job in delivering her promo. The whole segment with Ellsworth being carried out by security was entertaining, some of Ellsworth’s best work and a great way to set up for later on in the show.

Usos defeated Hype Bros. Missed most of the ending due to advert break but Ryder got hit with a Super Kick and Splash as Usos made short work of The Hype Bros. The Goofy trio of The New Day came out and delivered another annoying promo demanding another title shot Usos accept the challenge for Battleground then New Day for some reason start rapping horribly it was hard to watch this segment.

Fashion Vice interrogate The Ascension about who attacked Tyler. Fandango tried bribing them with Eddie Money tickets, Tyler offered them Ice Tea and a Cheese Platter but still they got nothing, someone trashed their office, who could it be ? Ascension take Eddie Money tickets on the sly. A very entertaining segment yet again from The Fashion Police this is just getting better every week and I like the story behind it, I hope it American Alpha that attacked them.

Women’s Championship
Naomi defeated Lana. Lana starts strong hits her finisher but Naomi kicks out. One kick and Split Legged Moonsault and it was all over. Pretty much a squash match I guess that’s Lana done now.

Aiden English singing in the ring is interrupted by Randy Orton. Because of another advert break we miss Orton hitting English with an RKO, we get back from the break and Orton is sitting in the ring and we got another tedious Orton Promo. Orton wants a rematch for the title, Shane O’Mac comes to the ring and Shane gives Randy a rematch but Jinder gets to choose the stipulation. Then out comes Jinder Mahal accompanied by The Singh Brothers. He delivers a very good promo switching back and forth between languages and his stipulation is a Punjabi Prison match.

AJ, Owens and Bryan backstage segment. Owens called AJ a Loser this was a badly scripted segment. Bryan tells Owens there will be a Battle Royal to decide who will be the number one contender for the US title and fight Owens at Battleground.

Maria and Mike Kanellis’ love fest was interrupted by Sami Zayn making his way to the ring.

Baron Corbin defeated Sami Zayn with an End Of Days. I was expecting them to protect Sami by having Mike Kanellis come out and cost him the match and continue what happened but instead they just let him lose and left it at that.

Nakamura is asked about Corbin backstage, he is getting a lot better with his English and delivered a decent response.

Women’s Money In The Bank Match

Carmella defeated Becky Lynch, Natalya, Charlotte Flair and Tamina. After interference from Ellsworth who tried to help but was taking out by Becky but Carmella nailed Becky with chair and took down the briefcase in a good match and I am glad they kept the briefcase on Carmella along with a ton of heat. I also liked how they set up feuds between Charlotte and Natalya also Becky and Carmella.

Overall it was a good show it makes a big difference that it’s a two hour show it makes it so much easier to sit through. My only complaint is that they put on far too many advert breaks in between matches and segments and it took away from the Natural flow of the show.



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