NXT Review


The Velveteen Dream defeated Ho Ho Lun in a basic squash match.

Hideo Itami defeated Oney Lorcan. This match had to be started over because Hideo suffered an injury to his nose from a stiff shot from Lorcan as he came flying at him as soon as the bell rang and rocked Hideo. The Ref stopped the match after checking on Hideo for a few moments. After an add break Hideo comes back out to the ring with cotton buds shoved up his nose and signals that he wants to start the match again. Lorcan comes to the ring and the match restarts. This was a very fast paced strong style match, I like the viscous side of Hideo and he showed no compassion for an injured Lorcan and finished him if with a Go To Sleep. After the match Hideo called out Kassius Ohno before the conversation could really begin Nikki Cross appeared on the apron but she was just a distraction as they were then jumped by SAnity’s Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain.

NXT Women’s Championship
Last Woman Standing Match
Asuka defeated Nikki Cross. The third women’s match to main event a WWE show this week was the best of the three by a mile. These two gave everything to entertain us with some astonishing moments that left me gasping. Cross delivering a Powerbomb on the outside on to a stack of chairs was sickening but nearly as bad as the thud Asuka’s head made when it connected with the ramp. Then there was the spot that ended the match with both ladies atop of a ladder next to the announce table and Asuka suplexed Cross of the top of the ladder and they crashed through the table. The drama added with the action in this match for me made it the best women’s wrestling match I have watched this year and it will take some beating. I hope these two are not done yet as I would love to see them go one on one at least one more time maybe inside a steel cage.

This was a very good show the action was first class as was the commentary from Mauro Ranello (I am so happy he is back his excited tone makes any match that bit easier to watch and Tom Phillips sucks balls) and Nigel McGuiness is becoming the best Colour commentator in the company but Percy Watson may as well not be there he hardly adds anything to the show but I will say he is trying and very slowly improving slightly. The one problem I had was the majority of the show was focused on Sanity and Eric Young was not there ? Apart from that this was the best NXT weekly show I have seen for months.



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