Progress Wrestling Chapter 50: I Give it Six Months


As usual the show started with Jim in the ring doing his intro but once hefinished the Progress and WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne made his way to the ring. Pete delivered a great promo in which he said he will not be defending the title until Alexandra Palace. Jim had something to say about that and he showed everyone who is The Boss when he told Peter that he will be wrestling tonight in a non title match and if anyone beats him between now and the Alexandra Palace show they would get a shot at the title.

Progress Women’s Championship
Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray. Progress Women’s Champion vs ICW Women’s Champion and The two best female wrestlers in the world put on a clinic of awesome hold for hold wrestling that masterfully transitioned in to a hard hitting battle with chops, headbutts, suplexs and lots of outstanding high impact moves. There were so many near falls and they only added to the drama of this contest as both ladies refused to stay down. The finish left me gob smacked as Storm hit a Piledriver off the second rope to retain her title.
Grade: A


The London Riots vs Banter Edition
Well the entrance of Banter Edition was different but still entertaining. Ligero is without doubt the funniest wrestler around today his comical gestures and timing with out saying a word is first class comedy. I love that he and Mastiff have tons of fun, there are far to many shows were all the matches are far too serious and I think every show needs a couple of matches that are just plain fun. But even though Ligero was hilarious he was not alone as Mastiff and Both the Riots joining in with the shenanigans. The fun was short lived as The Riots got serious and started to dominate the match and nearly put Mastiff away with the District Line double team move. Banter Edition began to fight back and proved that while they can have fun they are arguably two of the best wrestlers in the country. But while they are good they were not as good as one of the best tag teams on British Wrestling History The London Riots who managed to hit their Slingshot Spear finisher on El Ligero and they picked up a much needed win.
Grade: B

Flash Morgan Webster vs Jack Sexsmith. This had everything you could ask for in this match it had a story of two underdogs who never know when to stay down, obviously there was great wrestling, comedy of the more mature nature at times and a return from Damien Dunne who hit Flash with a mega phone then hit Sexsmith with an inziguri and then attacked the injured arm of Sexsmith and he had a few words for the Progress fans and Sexsmith and they were that he is stopping all the Fun in Progress Wrestling.
Grade: B

Pete Dunne vs Donovan Dijak. The freak of nature that is Dijak proved why he is called the Premier High Flying Big Man. With some of the most outstanding high risk moves I have ever seen from a guy his size. But soon Dunne was able to settle in to his game plan and chopped down Dijak and began to work on the limbs of the big man. Dijak used his power as well to get back on top then after he hit even more impressive high flying moves he came close to victory but Peter was able to fight back and hit a Pedigree on Dijak. Then with more viscous shots from Dunne and Dijak both looking for the finishing move it was Dunne who was able to hit his Bitter End for the win over a very impressive Dijak.
Grade: B+

Mark Haskins & Jimmy Havoc vs Zack Gibson & Nathan Cruz. The story heading in to this match was if Haskins and Havoc could work together after their miscommunication at SSS16 that cost Haskins progressing in that tournament. Gibson was treated to the usual chorus of boos during his in ring speech. Mean while Haskins and his wife decided to celebrate the 50th chapter with party goodies for Haskins and Havoc but once Gibson had ran his mouth too much the fun was over and the fight was on. Gibson and Cruz worked well as a unit cutting the ring in half and keeping Havoc in their corner away from Haskins and delivering huge amounts of punishment. After soaking up all that Gibson and Cruz could dish out Havoc fought back and Haskins got the Hot tag and came in on Fire taking out Cruz, battling back and forth with Gibson. All four men battled it out throwing the tag team rules out the window, Havoc then had a gift wrapped present under the ring for Haskins but as he unwrapped it Gibson tried to take advantage but Havoc was able to get the better of him with the chair. Haskins then tried to throw the chair in to the head of Gibson, the King of Scouse Style ducked and it hit Jimmy in the face, Gibson was able to take advantage and rolled up a shocked Haskins for the three. It seems that the story between Havoc and Haskins and their miscommunication is getting even more interesting after it cost both of them in this match.

James Drake vs Travis Banks
I absolutely loved this match. It was a down and out hard hitting fight from start to finish. The more I see Drake perform the more he impresses me but the speed, agility, confidence, ability and violent streak of Banks are unmatched by anyone in wrestling at the moment and these attributes make him one of the best in the world in my opinion. Banks hit a springboard kick to the face of Drake and it was a great way to prepare for his big match at Alexandra Palace.
Grade: A

Progress Tag Team Championship
CCK vs British Strong Style. There was a very cool well put together video package to hype up this match just that little bit more and i think it did the job perfectly. Arguably two of the hottest factions in British Wrestling did battle for the tag titles and for me it out did all expectations I had and was one of the best tag matches I have seen so far this year. The Electricity created by the sold out crowd just made this match even more memorable and the way Trent and Tyler played the roles of the Bad Guys made the moment when the Good Guys prevailed that more special. The explosion when Lykos got the pin after hitting a top rope brain buster on to the turnbuckle was one of the loudest pops I have heard from a Progress crowd.

Another great chapter and I can’t wait to enjoy the next 50 chapters as much as I have these ones.

Overall Grade for show: A

All Grading is done on my personal preferences and what I found entertaining.

You can watch the full show on demand here:


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