Raw Review

IMG_1703Enzo promo,Enzo killed it.
Enzo jumps Cass backstage during an interview

Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. Bayley was injured during this car crash and Sasha some how defeated both women this is some Cena booking for Sasha.
Grade: E-

Strowman backstage with Angle he wants competition and says Reigns won’t show up for Ambulance match at Great Balls Of Fire

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar.
Grade: D+

Miz Tv with the Miztourage was interrupted by Ambrose and then interrupted them Slater and he got a match for the IC title.

The Miz defeated Heath Slater
Grade: D-

The Shattered Truth segment was predictable. But at least they are doing something with them.

Rollins defeated Hawkins. After the match Rollins had a few words for Wyatt.
Grade: D

Joe/Lesnar interview. Joe lost his cool and went in search of Lesnar but was stopped by security and dragged away.

Neville defeated Mustapha Ali                                                                           Grade: D

Balor defeated Cesaro after interference from Sheamus, Elias Samson and The Hardy Boys.
Grade: C+

Braun Strowman defeated Apollo Crews
Grade: D

After the match Reigns jumped Strowman when he popped out of the ambulance door. They had a back and forth brawl Reigns speared Strowman of the stage and through a couple of tables below.

There were probably three good parts to this show and they were the beginning segment, the closing segment and Joe/Lesnar. Enzo was awesome in his delivery of his passionate promo, then him going backstage and jumping Cass was a nice touch. Joe was on another level with his performance during the whole interview segment and Lesnar played his part perfectly. Roman Reigns surprising Strowman and spearing him through a table was a cool spot and a great way to build up more hype heading into the big show on Sunday. The rest of the show was garbage filler crap that is not worth the time watching. The women are awful, some how Alexa is getting worse ? When will they end this Hardys vs Sheamus and Cesaro feud ? Without his Demon gimmick Balor is boring, yes he is good in the ring but his character is bland. While the Miz is very entertaining I can’t stand the lazy Dean Ambrose, I would of really liked to see a feud between Slater and Miz that could really work with their complete opposite characters they could do some really entertaining stuff with that.

Overall Grade: D


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