The July 4th edition of SDLIVE was kicked off by Cena who explained his free agent deal and who he wants to fight before he calls it a day. I thought he did a great job delivering this promo as he always does. Rusev made his first appearance for months and gave a very generic promo about Cena getting all the hype and he had nothing. Do Smackdown need yet another Anti American heel character?

AJ Styles and Chad Gable were told by Daniel Bryan that they would have to face each other to be put in the battle royal to decide the number one contender for the US Title later in the show.

AJ Styles defeated Chad Gable with a Phenomenal Forearm in a good match that showed Chad Gable has a bright future ahead of him. Grade: C+


Zack and Mojo had a chat in the locker room. It is seeming more likely that they will split these two up with Mojo turning heel

Miss Money In The Bank Carmella and her troll Ellsworth had an in ring promo. They are both playing their roles really well and are the most entertaining act in women’s wrestling. Naomi interrupted Carmella, while Naomi has a cool entrance and is very talented in the ring I can’t stand how she talks it annoys me. I don’t wanna feel any glow. Daniel Bryan got involved and had a few words for Ellsworth, he suspended and fined him $10,000.

SDLIVE Women’s Championship                       Naomi defeated Lana. After the controversy surrounding last weeks match they put on yet another match between these two. Again the match last a few seconds as Naomi made Lana tap when she locked her in a submission from the beginning of the match. Tamina came in the ring stood there for a few moments and then told Lana “Let’s Go” and she followed her to the back. Are these two forming some sort of alliance ? Grade: D-

Baron Corbin jumped Nakamura backstage with his briefcase but Nakamura fought back and the two had to be pulled apart.

The Usos came to the ring with a whole gang, the New Day came out dressed in the American Flag colours with loads of random people in fancy dress for this Rap Battle. Usos absolutely owned the New Day and made them look stale and pathetic. The one line that stole it all was “Let’s not get R rated like your boy Xavier Woods” after that there was no coming back for the New Day and even though Hip Hop artist Wale announced New Day as the winners you could tell by the crowd reaction who came off looking better from this segment.  I hope they incorporate those thugs in to the Usos gimmick it really works for them.

Aiden English was stopped from singing by Orton yet again. Orton then got attacked by English and left him laying on the floor, English started signing again and for some unknown reason they had another break ? WTF are they doing not only was there literally a break two minutes previously but they did this yet again during a segment it just shows they really don’t give a shit about Aiden English or Orton for that matter it really is baffling as he is the number one contender. They come back from the break mid way through the match. Orton gets himself disqualified and then hits English with an RKO. Grade: E

Jinder Mahal made an appearance and cut another generic promo very similar to that of Rusev earlier. These writers for this show are lazy.

Tye Dillinger was interviewed by Tyler Breeze in drag. Tyler is a funny dude and Tye played his part well so did Fandango.

Maria and Mike were interviewed by Renee Young and they were interrupted by Sami who then tried to apologise for what happened last week.

Independence Day Battle Royal

It came down to Zayn and Styles and it was AJ Styles who eliminated Sami Zayn.       The most notable moment was Mojo eliminating Ryder. Grade: D

Kevin Owens attacked AJ after the match but AJ managed to fight back and went to hit a Styles Clash but Owens retreated.

This was a show that only had one wrestling match I can’t say that Lana/Naomi and Orton/English could be classed as matches one lasted barely 10 seconds and the other was a brawl that was horribly interrupted by breaks. The other segments were badly written and this was a poor show it has to get an F.


Overall Grade: D-




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