TNA/GFW/Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Review



I thought they did a good job hyping up this show and while some parts could of been better overall I really enjoyed watching this show.

GFW Tag Team Championship.                     LAX defeated Garza Jr & Laredo Kid, Drago & El Fantasma and Marafuji and Ishimori. This was the perfect match to kick off the show. It was fast paced, hard hitting and we got lots of awesome high flying spots to get everyone pumped up. There may of been a few missteps and mistakes but overall I enjoyed how the different styles from around the world combined to make this a very enjoyable opening contest. Grade: C

Moose and DeAngelo Williams defeated Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. This match was so much better than I expected it to be. The heel team of Drake and Adonis played their roles perfectly but the star and MVP of this match without a doubt was Williams. This was his first time performing in front of a live audience and not only that but on PPV being watched by Millions of people around the world. Considering all that I thought he was outstanding he made everything he did look effortless and did not look out of place and even though the table didn’t break at the end it was still the best performance I have seen from a sports star that stepped in to a wrestling ring for the first time. Grade: C+

EC3 defeated James Storm. The finish was a bit hokey but the rest of this viscous match and the story they told before and throughout this match was exceptional it’s just a shame they ended it the way they did, I suppose they can continue this feud and get more out of it as this is a very compelling story but I think EC3 is the best they have and should be the Top Guy but that’s just my opinion. Grade: A-

Jeremy Borash and Joseph Parks defeated Josh Matthews and Scott Steiner. This match was just plain fun I enjoyed every single minute of it. The Golf Karts, Fire Extinguishers, Fat Asses, JB doing a flip into a swimming pool, James Mitchell and who can’t not say they felt the excitement and poped just a little bit when Abyss’ music hit and the monster along with Father James Mitchell made their way to the ring. The ending was cool when Abyss hit his Black Hole Slam on Matthews into a bed of tacs and then JB did a splash from the top rope landing on Matthews and the tacs and he scored the pin and the win. Grade: A

Mixed Full Metal Mayhem.                            Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards defeated Davey Richards & Angelina Love. This was another match that was miles better than I thought it would be. The two women in the match were superb and really took a lot of risks and didn’t hold back for one moment. As for Eddie and Davey the story that has been told between these To has been fantastic and I think this was just another chapter in this story and their feud is far from being over. Grade: B

X Division Championship                           Two Out Of Three Falls                                   Sonjay Dutt defeated Low Ki. This was a very good classic X division match with two of the old school X Division wrestlers showing that they can still put together a first class performance. Dutt won the contest two falls to one but it was Low Ki who scored the first pin fall and then Dutt had to battle and give everything he had to win two straight falls but he did and retained the title. Grade: B

Unification Title match

Sienna defeated Rosemary. This was the first of the two unification matches and it was the GFW women’s title and the Knockouts championship on the line. I thought this was a decent contest both are very talented but it was not on the same level as every other match that had been on before it. Grade: D-

Unification Title Match

Alberto El Patron defeated Lashley. Firstly I want to say that I am not a fan of Patron or Lashley in fact I find both of them completely boring in the ring and on the mic. I get why some may like them but for me I just can’t take to either and never have been able too. That’s why I found this match so boring, long winded and tedious. I hate that double foot stomp of Patrons it looks so staged why would his opponent just hang there waiting for him to stomp on them. Move you Fucking Moron. Anyway compared to other matches on this card this match in my opinion sucked. Grade: F-

Apart from the horrible main event this was the best show I have watched from this company in years I just hope they can continue in the right direction but the one thing I would like to see is them to stop using WWE cast offs and feud me some talent on the Indy scene that can make a difference I can think of one name that would be an excellent opponent for say a Lashley in a title match and that is Matt Riddle Bro !!


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