Progress Wrestling Chapter 51: Screaming For Progress


Mark Haskins defeated Mike Bird with a Sharpshooter
Rating: A

Eddie Dennis def Kyle Ashmore with elevated reverse DDT
Rating: B+

Jimmy Havoc def Jigsaw with an Acid Rainmaker Clothesline
Rating: B+

War Machine def London Riots with The Fallout
Rating: B+

Progress Atlas Championship
Walter def Matt Riddle with a sleeper submission
Rating: A+

Chief Deputy Dunne defeated Flash Morgan Webster with a Top Rope Draped DDT after hitting a low blow on Flash.
Rating: B


Progress Tag Team Championship
Six Man Tag Team Match
British Strong Style defeated CCK when Pete Dunne hit Lykos with a Sledgehammer and draped Tyler Bate across him and they got the win.
Rating: A

There were three matches that stood out amongst the rest of this show for me which I’m sure you can tell by the ratings I gave these matches. I thought the opening match between Bird and Haskins was superb, a hard hitting fast paced match that is a perfect advert for what Progress Wrestling is about and a perfect match to start of a show. After watching Riddle have yet another contender for match of the year against Ishii for Rev Pro he only went and put on yet another worthy candidate as he and Walter stole the show. These two big guys left me amazed by the shots and moves they delivered on each other and made me realise how much I love watching big mans wrestling when it is done well. Another twist to the tale of the War between CCK and BSS came in this Six Man Tag as Trent convinced CCK to put the titles on the line before the match and it was Dunne who delivered the final blow with a Sledgehammer too Lykos then he pulled Bate on top of Lykos and the ref who saw nothing made the count and British Strong Style won another battle in this war that is heading towards the big show at Alexandra Palace when Travis Banks attempts to defeat Pete Dunne and win the Progress Championship.

Overall Show Rating: A



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