Rev Pro British J Cup Review




First Round
Marty Scurll defeated Tiger Mask with a roll up
Rating: B+

Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Josh Bodom with a Brainbuster
Rating: B

Kushida defeated Kyle O’Rielly via submission with a Kimura arm lock
Rating: B

Will Ospreay defeated Rysuke Taguchi with an Ozcutter
Rating: A

Tempura Boys defeated Curtis Chapman and Josh Wall
Rating: C

Rev Pro Tag Team Championship
CCK defeated Los Ingobernables via DQ when Bushi spat mist in the face of Brookes.
Rating: B

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Matt Riddle with a Brainbuster
Rating: A+

British J Cup Four Way Elimination Final
Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Marty Scurll, Will Ospreay and Kushida. Scurll eliminated Ospreay and Kushida with Roll ups and Liger defeated Scurll with a Brainbuster.
Rating: A


The first ever British J Cup will go down as a very memorable show. Every match was very entertaining and there were so many different styles of wrestling that surely left everyone fully entertained. I liked the story that was born between Bodom and Liger after Liger defeated Bodom within moments after the start of their match. The story continued and more heat was added to it as Bodom attempted to ruin the celebration of Liger after he won the entire tournament and now they will clash at Rev Pro Summer Sizzler in August with Bodom putting the Cruiserweight title on the line. Like I said every match was very good but my favourites were Ospreay vs Taguchi this was not only a very impressive wrestling match but both added in moments of hilarious comedy that made it even more special, Matt Riddle vs Tomohiro Ishii was my favourite match of the show as these two big guys basically beat the crap out of each other for our entertainment and I was thoroughly entertained watching these two hit each other with some of the most sickening shots I have ever witnessed in a wrestling match making this another match of the year candidate not only from Riddle but Ishii as well giving more reason to why I believe these two are among the best in the world at the moment. Speaking of Best In The World another wrestler who is arguably the hottest act in wrestling today is The Villain Marty Scurll and his performances on this show proved yet again why he is the best wrestler from the UK. The main event was an excellent match that had the two best wrestlers from the UK, the future of Japanese wrestling and a Legend of Wrestling. I thought that it was the best choice to have Liger win the first J Cup while they could of gone with either Ospreay or Scurll I think the story between Liger and Bodom needed Liger to win more for Bodom to get that extra bit of heat at the end.

Overall Show Rating: A

I really enjoyed this show and it did a great job getting me excited to see Rev Pro Summer Sizzler in August.





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