Retro Review: WWF Summerslam 2000


Right 2 Censor vs Too Cool and Rikishi: Steven hits a Super Kick on Scotty for the win

Road Dogg vs XPac: Road Dogg wins with pump handle slam

Intercontinental Championship
Chyna and Eddie Guerrero vs Trish Stratus and Val Venis: Chyna defeated Trish to become IC Champion

Jerry The King Lawler vs Tazz: JR hit Tazz with a Glass Jar over the head when the ref was knocked out and Tazz had Lawler in the Tazzmission. Lawler pinned Tazz and got the win.

Hardcore Championship
Shane McMahon vs Steve Blackman: Shane was knocked 70 feet off the stage structure by Blackman with a Kendo Stick who then dove off the structure on to Shane to win the Hardcore Championship


2 out of 3 Falls
Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit: Benoit wins first fall with The Crippler Crossface. Jericho wins second fall with Walls Of Jericho. Benoit wins third fall with reversal of a roll up and gets a hand on the rope and gets the three count.

Tag Team Championship
Tables, Ladders and Chairs
Dudley Boys vs Hardy Boys vs Edge and Christian: Edge and Christian retain the titles.

Stink Face Match
The Kat with Al Snow vs Terri with Perry Saturn: The Kat wins thanks to Head

Undertaker vs Kane: Both brawl match never started, Taker took Kane’s mask off and Kane retreated.

WWF Championship
Kurt Angle vs HHH vs The Rock: Angle stretchered out of Match when HHH tried to Pedigree him through commentary table but it went wrong and Angle got his bell rung when the table collapsed under their weight. Angle came back later on in match after Stephanie asked him to help HHH but Kurt stopped him winning the match. After HHH accidentally hit Stephanie with a Sledgehammer he got hit with the same Sledgehammer by Angle, The Rock knocked Angle out of the ring and then hit HHH with The People’s Elbow to retain the WWF Championship.



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