#CCK vs Extra Talent-ed vs Banter Edition

CCK won with some confusion after Roberts made a mistake with a pin fall. A good match lots of high spots, great Tag Team moves and loads of Banter. A good way to start the show, Extra Talent- Ed were very impressive in their debut but the finish did spoil it slightly. For Fuck Sake Roberts Sought It Out Son  😂 !!!!

Tyson T-Bone vs Mike Bird

T-Bone wins when he hit a devastating Spike Jackhammer after a slugfest with Bird.

PROGRESS Women’s Title Match            Toni Storm (c) vs Laura Di Matteo

Di Matteo proved a tough test for Storm with her excellent execution of high risk moves and her submission ground game especially when Di Matteo locked Storm in the Octopus Stretch it seemed she would make Storm tap but Storm would not give up the title. Storm was able to battle back after being on the receiving end of a lot of punishment and after many near falls with both women somehow kicking out from some devastating moves, Storm was able to finish Di Matteo when Laura took her eye of her opponent for a split second and Storm capitalised on that moment and hit a Piledriver to retain the Women’s Championship.

Matt Riddle vs Travis Banks

Arguably two of the best Performers on The Indy Wrestling Scene put a match together that resembled more of a fight than a wrestling match and I was glued too it for every single second of the contest. Both men delivered some of the hardest, sickening shots I have ever heard or seen inside a wrestling ring how both men kicked out of the insane jumping Tombstones they each delivered was shocking. The end of this classic came thanks to the arrival and distraction from behind Peter, Riddle was able to hit a Gotch Style Tombstone on Banks and picked up a huge win. Is a Progress Title shot in the future of Matt Riddle ?


Chief Deputy Dunne vs Chuck Mambo vs Zack Gibson vs Jack Sexsmith: A clash of four completely different characters made this a very entertaining Four Way. The ongoing feud between Gibson and Sexsmith was continued through this match and I think these two will eventually clash one on one once again in the near future after Sexsmith was somehow able to pull out another upset and rolled up a shocked Gibson, maybe at Ally Pally this issue will be settled once and for all.

If Dennis wins, he earns a World Title match
Pete Dunne (c) vs Eddie Dennis

This would of been the perfect way to start Eddie’s full time career as a Pro Wrestler and the former Head Teacher came out firing and proved that he made the right choice in pursuing his dreams. He gave the Progress and WWE UK Champion a tough, hard hitting, viscous fight with both men kicking out of the others finishing moves. Peter had too stoop to his usual dirty tactics but Eddie was able to stop one Sledgehammer shot and hit another Next Stop Driver but the ref was still knocked out earlier  from Peter. Finally Peter was able to connect with a Sledgehammer shot, a Pedigree and his finisher The Bitter End for a second time to steal the victory. Even though he lost Dennis proved he is more than capable of winning the big one in Progress in the future.


PROGRESS Tag Team Titles Match British Strong Style (c) vs War Machine

This was arguably the hardest test to date for British Strong Style as they had to try and overcome the IWGP Heavyweight Champions War Machine. The size difference was clearly going to be an advantage for the challengers and they dominated for most of this contest with the champs attempting to fight back but they were shut down every time by these two beasts during this perfectly named War Machine Rules Match. But some how like they seem to always do Trent and Tyler found a way to win. Ironically it was the IWGP tag title that cost War Machine as Trent hit Hanson in the head with it and followed up with a Pedigree on to the Progress Tag title to remain the champs.

Vote Pies was another fantastic show from Progress Wrestling. Not only was there great wrestling action but the characters on show were all very entertaining and the stories told left me excited for what is to come at this years big show at Alexandra Palace in September. See you there Ultras !!!



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