Day One

So Grado and Red Lightning kicked off Day one of Shugs Hoose party and they had an announcement for everyone. Grado unfortunately would not be able to appear on this show due another contractual appearance Grado had in the city. Now if this was just a storyline I didn’t get the pay off to it, but if it’s legit then that’s kind of unprofessional of Grado considering how long this show had been booked for. Then we found out who would be replacing Grado in the tag match and it was Bram who hit the ring and attacked Sha Samuels. While I think Bram is great, I was a little disappointed that Grado was not in the main event and as Grado left he took most of the heat from this match with him killing any interest I had in the main event.

Dog Collar Match
Mikey Whiplash defeated Stevie Boy
Another gimmick match for Stevie but he always seems to make the best of what ever he is given and this was no different. I have also enjoyed the story that has been told by these two and others that have been involved in this feud and this was a great way to further this feud. Both men absolutely battered each other and it finally came to an end when Whiplash finally attached Stevie to the chain and he was able to inflict more punishment, he finished of Stevie with a Death Valley Driver. Whiplash then had a present for Stevie in a coffin and it was not what Whiplash expected as Jimmy Havoc rose from the coffin then he attacked Whiplash. Jimmy beat the hell out of Whiplash then reminded everyone he was the TOD winner and he wants a four way Death Match at Fear and Loathing. He called out the forth man he wants in that match and Renfrew came out but was ordered to retreat by Whiplash. Then Havoc finished off by hitting a Rainmaker clothesline on Stevie. After watching this years TOD I am more than excited to see what these four men will do to each other in this demented contest.

Mark Dallas and his entourage made their way to the ring. Dallas had an announcement and it’s Rey Mysterio appearing at Fear and Loathing in November.

Kid Fite defeated Bull James
What was meant to be a tag match was changed to a singles contest due Liam Thomson being injured. But even though Bull was all alone he seemed to be able to cope with Kid Fite and his two minions. But the numbers game soon caught up to Bull and Fite was able to take advantage of the situation as he was able to sneak a roll up after a distraction from Lou King Sharp. Maybe the constant interference from Sharp and Krieger took away from the two guys actually in the match but I found it entertaining and felt they all told a good story in this one with the heels leaving with more heat than they started the match with.

ICW Women’s Championship
Kasey defeated Kay Lee Ray
42 seconds And New Champion Kasey. She hit a Gory Bomb then followed up with a Shining Wizard to shock everyone including Kay Lee Ray. This was another well told story from these two talented women and I look forward to see what is next for the new champ Kasey.

Super Crazy defeated Jody Fleisch
Both these legends are both known for taking high risks and this was a match that many including myself were looking forward to seeing than most of the other matches on this card. No question both men have still got it the by way they moved around the ring they put younger men to shame. Crazy was able to able to pick up the victory with a roll up after a very close hard fought battle.

Non Sanctioned Match
Joe Hendry defeated Lionheart
Another story that has been well told and these two continued it perfectly throughout this fight. It was obvious how much each man hated the other as they did what ever they could to inflict serious pain to each other. Hendry got the advantage after putting Lionheart through a table then he choked him out. After Hendry had won he tried to tell Lionheart that the feud was over but Lionheart had enough in him to hit a Rock Bottom on Hendry. The strangest part of this whole story was the point during this match when the whole crowd turned on Hendry and by the end they were all cheering “Lionheart is a Hero” and “Joe Hendry is A Fanny”. So now it seems the roles have reversed and that was a class bit of storytelling to be able to pull that off.

ICW Zero Gravity Championship
Kenny Williams defeated Zack Gibson
The UK’s Number One Heel Zack Gibson was defending his title in a match that more suited the style of his opponent rather than his. Both risked serious injury to be the champ and it was Williams who was able to pull the title down after he was able to knock Gibson of the top of the ladder. I’m sure these two will be doing battle again for this title as this was an amazing addition to the series of matches these two have already had.

Referee vs Wrestler
Dickie Divers defeated Thomas Kerns
Wow that was fucking hilarious to watch. While Kerns may not be the most talented in ring technician, he and Divers put together a very entertaining match and I enjoyed the story they told. Divers had to win I mean you could not have a Wrestler lose to a Ref.

WWE UK Championship
Fatal Four Way
Pete Dunne defeated BT Gunn, Wolfgang and Trent Seven
While it was pretty obvious that the title would not be changing hands it did not stop me from enjoying this match. I am hoping after this match that the WWE’s higher ups who saw this match saw what I saw and the MVP of this match needs to be snapped up quick !! I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks BT Gunn could be very successful in the WWE. Every man played their part in making this a quality four way but it was Gunn who was the shining star in this match even if Dunne was able to hit his Bitter End on Gunn and retain the title.

Sha Samuels and Noam Dar vs Joe Coffey and Bram
If someone could explain the guys in the monkey masks that would be great as I was left baffled by it. While it was nice to see Noam back in an ICW ring this match lost all my interest when the story of Grado turning his back on the Pinky Party and ICW was no longer a factor in this match. As good as all four men are this felt like a basic ICW tag match with no real story to it just all four men brawling all over the building trying to make this a match worthy of the main event but I think it should not of been the last match of this day considering what they just had to follow. The finish was the best part for me as Coffey’s opponent for Day two Jack Jester came out and brawled with Coffey to the back leaving Bram alone, Red got in the ring and invited Noam to join him for a moment it looked like he would when Noam accepted the chair from Red but at the last moment Dar turned the tables and the Pinky Party where able to pick up the victory after Dar hit Bram and Red with the chair and Sha finished the job.

Day Two

Jody Fleisch defeated Aaron Echo
This was a great fast paced match and a perfect choice to start the show. While it was a simple story of Rookie vs Veteran I thought both did an excellent job of getting the fans pumped up for the rest of the show. This could of been a big win for Echo but it was not to be as he fell victim to the Springboard DDT from Fleisch.

Lionheart comes to the ring to discuss his future in ICW not before hitting a Rock Bottom on a female announcer and he then told everyone that he wants his shot. The owner of ICW came out and told him that he will get his opportunity to prove himself at Fear and Loathing against Mr PPV, The Whole Fucking Show, Rob Van Dam !!!!!

Wolfgang defeated Super Crazy
This was quite a short match as Wolfgang hit the ECW Legend with his Brass Knuckles and won the match.

ICW Zero G Championship Open Challenge
Kenny Williams vs BT Gunn
I was ecstatic that BT Gunn answered the challenge knowing that with these two in a match it had the potential to be a match of the year contender. They certainly did not disappoint this was an excellent contest that ended with BT Gunn becoming the first Triple Crown winner in ICW history by making Kenny Williams tap out with a Cross Face.

Kiss My Arse Match
DCT and Adam Shame aka Coach Trip defeated The Wee Man and Davey Blaze
This heated rivalry has been going on for months and it got bad enough that Adam Shame was bought out of retirement for one night only. This was not the prettiest tag match ever but the story that was told made this a lot better and got me fully invested in it. The finish saw both The Wee Man and Davey Blaze locked in Figure Fours and they had no choice but to finally tap out. Then came the most embarrassing moment ever for Davey and The Wee Man as they were forced to Kiss The Arses of DCT and Adam Shame.

Loser Leaves ICW
Sha Samuels defeated Grado
Some have not enjoyed heel Grado but I have really liked everything I have seen from this Grado he is arguably just as entertaining as a heel and I think his feud with Sha has been really enjoyable. It is a shame that this is the Last we see of Grado in ICW as he lost the match after a brutal battle. Grado was given a warm farewell and lets hope he has more success wherever his career takes him next.

The Wedding of Ravie Davie and Session Moth Martina was next and while I find both these two very entertaining you just knew that this was not going to go smoothly but what did happen completely shocked me. Yet again Bram interrupted another ICW wedding and after taking out all the guests he then legit smashed in the face of Davie. Now I’m sure this was planned but if I’m honest I found it very uncomfortable to watch and I feel they went way over the top. After seeing what Davie looked like after the impromptu match that he some how won with a roll up on Bram, I just hope there was no serious damage done as it could of very easily been a lot worse. After hearing what other have said I do have to agree that if Davie let Bram do this to him then he is an careless and doesn’t seem to be very bothered about his own well being that much but if Bram did this off his own back then he should not be allowed to work in a wrestling ring again. This sought of shit doesn’t belong in a wrestling ring and nothing anyone can say can make me change my opinion about it. If you liked it that’s fine but I didn’t and I know there were many that feel the same about it.

ICW Women’s Championship
Kasey defeated Kay Lee Ray
A rematch from the day before but at least this one lasted longer than 42 seconds. It was indeed a match worthy of a title match and Kasey was able to retain and looked awesome while doing so. Does this mean KLR is moving on to bigger things in her career. I believe she is the best on the planet and if she has to move abroad to prove that then I wish her the best of luck but when your as talented as she is it’s all about time not luck.

Polo Promotions defeated The Marauders
The stipulations for this match were if Polo Promotions won they would get a shot at the titles but if they lost they would have to split up. This was a 3 on 2 contest so it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before we saw the end of the Polos. But after The Marauders cockily punished the Polos they then had to deal with run ins from Steve the ring crew guy, Simon Cassidy, Coach Trip, DCT and then Kenny Williams. All these distractions gave the Polos the perfect opportunity to get the victory this was a great match and a great way to continue this story between these two teams.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Steel Cage Match
Joe Coffey vs Jack Jester
This was what everyone had been waiting for as The Icon of ICW Jack Jester did battle against The Iron King and World Champion Joe Coffey inside a Steel Cage. There was only one way to win this match and that was to escape the cage. This was a fantastic battle with both trying to do what ever they could to keep the other down whilst they attempted to escape. Jester did have a huge chance to leave the cage as he knocked Joe off the top but instead of climbing out he decided to fly off the top of the cage and came down on to Coffey with an Elbow drop. Joe managed to bust open Jester over his eye thanks to a chain being thrown in by Red and this gave the champ a huge advantage as blood started to run in to the eyes of Jester making it so much harder to see. Joe Coffey continued the punishment and finally chained Jester by the neck to the cage but as Joe escaped Jester was able to free himself and stopped him from leaving. Then it was Jesters turn to escape and just as he was about to hit the floor he was stopped by Bram and then forced back up over then into the cage with Coffey. Again Jester attempted to escape and this time he was hit with a chair by Bram and then he was hanging helplessly with his legs trapped in the cage. This gave Coffey the chance to leave the cage and Shugs Hoose Party 4 still the ICW World Champion.

While there were one or two things I did not enjoy from this show that did not spoil it at all for me as  the good far out weighed the bad and I was thoroughly entertained by a show that was rammed full with first class action , excellent storytelling, passion and emotion.

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