NXT 2/8/17



Johnny Gargano defeated Raul Mendoza. This was a very well put together match. I was really impressed with Mendoza he is definitely one to watch but Gargano has started his singles career in a great way by making Mendoza tap out with an Arm Hook Cross Face. I can see giving Gargano a push and building him up until Ciampa returns which is looking like around Wrestlemania time if reports are correct.

Asuka had an in ring promo where she said “Ember Moon is not ready for Asuka”. Ember came to the ring, the two brawled and Ember Moon made a huge statement heading into their match for the NXT Women’s Championship at Brooklyn 3 when she hit her finisher ‘The Eclipse’ on Asuka and left her laying in the ring. I have loved the story of Asuka and Moon, I prefer Heel Asuka it

Sonya Deville defeated Jenna Van Bemel

There was Awful in ring promo from Hideo Itami. Alistar Black came out and Knocked Out Itami with Black Mass.

Alistar Black defeated Kyle O’Rielly with Black Mass in what was a phenomenal main event. While this was an outstanding contest and I loved every minute the one problem I had was this was O’Rielly’s first match on NXT and he loses, maybe he should of got s few wins behind him before having this match instead of just bringing him in to lose his first match it doesn’t make a lot sense.

I did enjoy the majority of this show, I thought they did an excellent job in progressing some of the stories they have heading in to Brooklyn 3.


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