Progress Wrestling Chapter 53: Fate Loves The Fearless


Tag Team Number One Contender Match: #CCK defeated Extra Talent-ed. You are always guaranteed at least one outstanding tag match every chapter and this opening match did not disappoint. I thought both teams put together an outstanding match, this is the second time I have seen Extra Talent-ed and I was even more impressed by them this time. CCK were flawless throughout this match and just seem to be getting better with every match, it is scary to think how young they are and how good they are already I’m sure they will collect even more gold in the very near future. Brookes won the match with a Double Underhook Driver.

*Highlight*Spud is now a part of the ring crew ! I absolutely love how he is playing this gimmick to the full, it’s hilarious and very creative.

Chief Deputy Dunne defeated Chuck Mambo
Two completely different characters clashed as the serious ‘No Fun’ Dunne went against ‘The Dude of Pro Wrestling’ Chuck Mambo. The fun soon came to an end for Mambo as he was hit with a Top Rope assisted DDT by Chief Deputy Dunne.

Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Never Say Die
A chapter debut for Never Say Die and you had to feel for the two youngsters as they had to do battle with two of the best wrestlers in the country in Zack Gibson and James Drake. I thought the lads did really good job in their debut and no doubt they have a very bright future in this business. This match also showed the strength in depth within the tag division as Gibson and Drake wiped out NSD with a Ticket Too Mayhem double team finisher they proved there is a new threat in this division.

For a future Atlas title match
James Davis defeated Rob Lynch via submission .
For the first time in my memory I saw both Riots do battle against each other and while the match was fantastic it was what happened after that was the most shocking and emotional moment of this whole segment. Rob Lynch gave a retirement speech then he was attacked from behind by his long time friend and Team mate with a Cricket Bat to the head.

Pete Dunne defeated Jack Sexsmith.
We got to see an extra viscous Dunne at the beginning as he threw Sexsmith around the Ballroom. He sent Jack flying through rows of chairs all the while bickering with fans and crew members. During the arguing Sexsmith took advantage with a dive, he threw Dunne in the ring the bell sounded to start the match and Sexsmith locked in a Crossface but Peter got out of it in a fantastic way to start a match. They kept the pace of the match in high and Jack proved he will be at that level one day but he is not quite there yet. He has the heart and talent just a little more experience and he will be a champion in Progress. Yet again Pete Dunne was successful with The Bitter End.

PROGRESS Women’s Title Match
Toni Storm (c) defeated Candice LeRae
Two of the highest rate female wrestlers in the world went one on one for the title. Another debut and a very impressive outing by LeRae who pushed Storm all the way. But after three Strong Zero Piledrivers in a row there was no way LeRae was kicking out.

PROGRESS Tag Team Titles Match British Strong Style (c) defeated Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins
Like I mentioned earlier you are always guaranteed at least one outstanding tag match every chapter. Well on this one we got spoilt and we were lucky enough to have three, as much as I enjoyed the other two this match was simply phenomenal. You had four of the best this country has ever produced in one ring and they put together a masterpiece of match that gave you a little bit of everything that would entertain any kind of wrestling. There was fast paced non stop action, comedy, a compelling story, violence, athleticism, drama and tons of emotion. As usual BSS resorted to underhanded tactics as Pete Dunne made his way to the ring dragging Haskins wife with him. This was enough of a distraction to get Haskins out of the ring, Havoc was left alone and was hit with a low blow and BSS retained. Then things took a turn for the worse as Haskins and Havoc argued about what happened and a brawl broke out between the two. They had to be separated by Refs, Ring Crew and Wrestlers. Eventually they were broken up but this looks it will carry on another day.

Keith Lee defeated Travis Banks in an outstanding contest that I could not take my eyes of for a second. Yet again Peter (who was doing guest commentary) spoilt everything with a distraction and Lee was able to hit his Death Valley Driver Slam to win the match.
After the match BSS hit the ring and attacked Travis, CCK came to his aid but they were taken out with Sledgehammer shots. Then Peter was going to make sure Banks would not make it to Alley Pally as he got Trent and Tyler to hold him while he attempted to hit him in the back of the head. Then a very familiar entrance musics began to play ” KEEP IT 100″ echoed throughout the building and the Ballroom exploded as TK Cooper and Dahlia Black made their return to Progress Wrestling and saved their South Pacific Power Trio comrade chasing away BSS with chairs. This had to be one of if not the best and loudest ends to a chapter I have ever witnessed it was incredible to watch and I’m absolutely gutted I was not there Live to see it happen.
Oh well see you all at Alexandra Palace


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