Retro Review Summerslam 2001



Intercontinental Championship
Lance Storm vs Edge: Edge with an Impaler DDT. This was a decent opening match while Storm was a good wrestler he had the charisma of a brick and this is the start of Edge in his singles career, he was already showing signs of being a main event player.

Spike Dudley and The A.P.A vs Test and The Dudleys: Test gets the win when Shane O’Mac hit Bradshaw in the head with a chair while the Ref was outside dealing with Spike who had just been put through a table.

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship & WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Tajiri vs X-PAC: After Tajiri spat mist in to the face of Albert, X-PAC was able to capitalise on the distraction and he hit a low blow and followed up with an X-Factor to win the match.

Rhyno with Stephanie McMahon vs Chris Jericho: Jericho made Rhyno tap out with The Walls Of Jericho. The feud between Stephanie and Chris Jericho is one of Jericho’s best in his career in my opinion. They just worked so well together it was some entertaining stuff and the best work on camera I can remember Stephanie doing as well.

Hardcore Championship
Hardcore Ladder Match
Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy: RVD wins in arguably the match of the night. This made the tempo of the show go up a few notches and the rest of the show was a lot better from this match onwards.

WWF & WCW Tag Team Championship
Steel Cage Tag Team Match
Undertaker and Kane vs DDP and Kanyon. This was pretty much a squash match. Like many that came from WCW DDP was horribly under-utilised. This story with him stalking Undertakers wife was pathetic. But at least there was a story going in to this instead of it being just a title match. DDP and Kanyon hardly got one offensive move in, Undertaker and Kane won this one it was embarrassing how they squashed their opponents.

WWF Championship
Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle
Any other year and this would have been the best feud ever in the WWF but with it taking place during the Invasion angle it never got the credit it deserved. I would of loved to have seen a Face Austin feuding with a Heel Angle during the attitude era. This match was fantastic Austin hit two Stunners, Angle kicked out of the first then rolled out of the ring on the second. Austin beat the hell out of Angle on the outside busting the Olympic Gold medalist open. Still Angle refused to stay down and fought back somehow. Angle though had lost a lot of blood and looked an absolute mess but somehow like the machine he is Angle kept coming. He got Austin locked in the Ankle lock but Austin managed to escape. Then it was Angles turn to punish Austin on the outside, he threw Austin in and hit a top rope picture perfect Moonsault but Austin kicked out at two. Finally frustration got the better of Austin and he knocked out Referee Earl Hebner, he attempted to get a DQ by Low blowing Angle in front of the second Ref and that did not work so he Stunned the Second and third ref. Angle hit an Angle Slam out came WCW Ref Nick Patrick he went to count but stopped and called for the bell and disqualified Austin. Angle was livid and Locked the dodgy ref in an Ankle lock.

WCW Championship
Booker T vs The Rock
If you want an example of Vince flexing his ego and shoving it down our throats that he won the Monday Night War then look no further than this match. I mean apart from one guy the rest of the people that went over on this show were WWF guys. This was no different but the fact they stripped the last ever WCW champion this way was a bit disrespectful to Booker in my opinion. Yes he got a big main event match with The Rock and it was an okay match I just felt yet again he was another under-utilised talent for many years in the WWF and WWE. The Rock got the win with The Rock Bottom.


This show was stuck in the Invasion Angle and most of the matches were just showing us how much better the WWF guys were compared to the WCW and ECW guys were. The only one real shining light was RVD and even he didn’t get the push he needed during this time when he was red hot. But still this card was packed with talent from top to bottom every match apart from one had a former or future world champ in it. This may not of been the best Summerslam but I think this years will still struggle to be better than this.


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