Rev Pro Summer Sizzler 2017


This was our third Summer Sizzler while it may not of been as good as years previously it still was a very entertaining show with some great moments.

Martin Stone defeated Eddie Dennis in a hard fought battle. Dennis was very impressive in defeat but Stone proved that he is ready to challenge for gold in Rev Pro, after the match he told Sami Callihan what he thought of him for not showing up.

Bully Ray defeated Sha Samuels in what was supposed to be a London Street Fight. However no weapons were used and the match was actually quite short and the finish was a bit anticlimactic with Bully winning with a dive. The best part came after the match as some Jabroni jumped them both and he got put through a table by  Sha and Bully.

Zack Gibson defeated Dalton Castle with the Shankley Gates submission. I enjoyed this match, Gibson is great at playing the heel and the deafening boos he receives during his usual in ring promo proves how good he is at playing that part. Castle is a great entertainer and the pair meshed perfectly, making this match one of the best of the night in my opinion.

The Briscoes defeated Shane Strickland and Ryan Smile. This was a fantastic tag team contest that was fast paced and action packed from the moment the bell rang to the very end of the match. I thought Smile was exceptional in this match and his partner Strickland was not too shabby either. But there is a reason that The Briscoes are considered one of the best tag teams of the last decade and a half and yet again they proved it on this night. This was a show stealing performance by these four men and it was very close to being the best match of the night.

Jay White defeated Travis Banks with a Liontamer submission. While this was a very good wrestling match with a ton of hard hitting strikes i felt that it lacked something and it seemed many fans were not fully invested in this match. A portion of the crowd who are big Banks fans tried to keep the noise level up but others just seemed not to bothered and i was very surprised with the outcome considering the fans really seem to really like Banks.

Josh Bodom defeated Jushin Thunder Liger to retain the Rev Pro Cruiserweight championship. This was a great match and the only match that had a story behind it after what happened between the pair at the British J Cup and I thought both put together a perfect match that told a fantastic story that put Bodom on another level. He is a very talented performer and knows how to keep the fans hating him which is a hard thing to do these days.

Zack Sabre Jr defeated Chris Brookes to reatin the Rev Pro Heavyweight champioship. Chris Brookes  just gets better with every match and he took a giant step up after this match by putting on a fantastic performance. The only problem was his opponent. Now after seeing him perform in the G1 Climax I am confused at how he can be so amazing to watch there but just kind of boring every time i have seen him in the UK for the last year or so. I felt bad for Brookes but i could not wait for this match to end and I am looking forward to the day that ZSJ loses that belt and we get a more entertaining champion.

Marty Scrull defeated Rey Mysterio in a classic. This was an epic main event that eclipsed everything that came before it. If anyone should be Rev Pro champion it is Scurll he is the perfect wrestler. He can do it all, he is great in the ring, his character is amazing and he is just an all round first class entertainer. Mysterio proved in this contest he is still able to put on a performance worthy of any top promotion around the world. This match was just great and i just sat back and enjoyed two of the best put together a master piece.






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