This Weeks Top Ten Wrestling Content On YouTube



Like many wrestling fans we also enjoy content made from wrestlers and wrestling fans on YouTube so I decided to do a top ten things I have watched that are wrestling related over the last week and have attempted to rank them so here they are.

10. The Super Ugly Show

9. Wrestling Inc Raw Review with Matt Morgan

8. Fightful: The List & Ya Boy #34

7. OTRS Central ‘Don’t be fooled John Cena Still Sucks’


6. Rocky Mountain Pro Season 2 Episode 6

5. Drew McIntyre Shoot Interview with Vince Russo

4. WCPW World Cup Finals

3. Kenny Omega sits down with X-PAC on X-PAC’s 12360 Episode 51

2.Being The Elite Episode 67 ‘Somebody Does Die’

1. Southpaw Wrestling Season 2




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