205 Live 29/8/17 Review


No Disqualification Match

The Brian Kendrick defeated Jack Gallagher after Gallagher had dominated all of the match until Kendrick was able to capitalise with a Kendo stick shot  and he then unleashed a viscous attack smashing Gallagher’s head in to the steps repeatedly busting Jack open. Then Kendrick delivered a sickening DDT on to the ring bell and with Gallagher out cold he used a Kendo Stick to aid him in locking in his Captain’s Hook Submission. The ref had no choice but to ring the bell to end the match. I enjoyed everything about this match from the video package explaining the feud up to this point, the story the two told throughout the match, how Kendrick showed he is a true pro by selling his arse off for 90% of the match and at the perfect moment turning the tables and winning the match.  This was by far the best match from any WWE show this week.

Rich Swann defeated Ariya Daivari thanks to a distraction from TJP who I thought was feuding with Swann but then he began to brawl with Daivari after the match and then it seemed like he and Swann were on the same side at the end ? It was all just a bit confusing ?

Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander and Enzo Amore defeated Noam Dar, Tony Neese and Drew Gulak after Enzo Rolled Up Neese and then put his feet on the ropes to gain the victory. You can not deny that Enzo made this match ten times more entertaining than it would of been if he had not been in it. But while is a breath of fresh air to this division I did find others entertaining in this match especially Drew Gulak his gimmick is hilarious and I can’t wait to see him develop it more.

The edition of Enzo has all ready helped 205 but I still think they could do with a few more top names from the two main shows come to this show and I would like to see them add Hideo Itami, James Ellsworth, Tyler Breeze, Xavier Woods and Finn Balor to the roster to make it more attractive to other viewers who have not been to keen before and have stuck with the two main shows and not really given this show a fair chance.

It was a very good show every match had a story and was entertaining and it only lasted and hour so that makes it so much easier to sit through rather than the other shows that are two or three hours long. As this was the best show from WWE this week I will continue to review 205 if they can keep up this standard.



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