WWE Raw Review 28/8/17


The Miz started the show in the ring but was quickly cut off by Kurt Angle, who informed Miz that there would be a Battle Royal to decide a new number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship and they would face The Miz next week.

Jeff Hardy wins Battle Royal

Enzo Amore defeated Noam Dar

Heyman delivered yet another tedious promo but then Lesnar took the mic and the three words he spoke meant more than the speech we had to endure from Heyman “Suplex City Bitch”.

Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus

Emma defeated Mickie James

John Cena and Roman Reigns contract signing was by far the best thing on this whole show.

Cena and Reigns defeated Gallows and Anderson

Elias was singing another song but as he bashed Memphis he was interrupted by Jerry Lawler who sent Southpaw Wrestling’s own Pelvis Wesley to the ring but he was swiftly taken out by The Drifter.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks


If it were not for John Cena and Roman Reigns this show would of been abysmal. The Contract signing segment was done really well and it was the first time in a long time that I actually enjoyed a contract signing. I thought it was really put together well and Cena did a great job carrying the segment and he was able to get the best promo I have heard out of Roman in five years. Many will say this is too early for these two to feud but I don’t they could easily do a return match or even a series of matches between these two. Now I’m sure there are many Fans who don’t want to see these two inside a ring and to be honest I am not the biggest fan of these two but you can’t disagree this has that big fight feel attached to it and if they can keep this momentum going it could be great. Unfortunately they followed that segment with a pointless match with Cena and Reigns squashing Anderson and Gallows in a match that did nothing for all involved. The Battle Royal seemed to go on forever but it was a surprise that Jeff Hardy won I hope they are going with a feud with The Miz and The Hardys there is potential there for greatness more so outside the ring than in it if they are all allowed to be as creative as they can. At least Balor didn’t win the Battle Royal as I thought he would but unfortunately he is stuck in a pointless feud with Bray Wyatt. I’m happy Enzo is in 205 he could add something that has been lacking, some much needed Character. Why did they let Heyman speak it meant nothing and who remembers what he said all I remember from that segment is the three words spoken by Lesnar “Suplex City Bitch”, it would of been so much better if he would of ripped the mic out of Heyman’s hand before he began talking then uttered those three words and left that is all it needed this just felt stretched out and a way to kill more time. Also why was Strowman not on this show ? I know the last time Elias used the guitar on someone he cut open Balor but he really needs to use it on his opponents and I was just waiting for him to hit Pelvis but I was so disappointed that it never happened. What was the point in Alexa dropping the title at Summerslam only to have her win it straight back. Also why do this with Sasha this is no way to get her over it just makes her look pathetic and who cares about the clumsy oaf that is Nia Jax in the title picture and when where they friends ?

Like I said this show had one very good segment and that was the Cena and Reigns contract signing the rest was pointless. So in my opinion it’s not Cena or Reigns who SUCK it’s the rest of the Dam Raw Roster that SUCK.


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