Lucha Underground 30/8/17 Review



After the events of last week we see Dario talking to his brother Matanza who is still locked in a cage. He informs him that Matanza will get the chance to destroy Mysterio when they fight on the 100th episode of Lucha Underground.

Son Of Madness defeated Mascarita Sagrada with a Brainbuster. After the match Son Of Havoc attacked Son Of Madness but the brawl was quickly split up by security who were ordered in to the ring by Dario. Dario then told both Havoc and Madness that they would face each other in the main event in a Biker Brawl for one of the Ancient Aztec Medallions.

Marty The Moth Martinez defeated Argenis in a brutal bloody contest. During the match The Moth tore half of Argenis’ mask off exposing Part of his face. The Moth dominated the majority of this match after that and managed to bust open Argenis who bled profusely for the remainder of the match. After Marty was finished with Argenis he ripped the rest of the mask off the head of Argenis and threw it at Melissa (the ring announcer). He then told her that he wants the mask of Fenix and will take it at Ultimo Lucha Trez, Fenix hit the ring and attacked Marty knocking him out of the ring. He accepted The Moth’s challenge but added a stipulation Mask vs Hair !!

Joey Ryan defeated Sexy Star with a Super Kick after a distraction from Taya. Ryan was attacked after the match by Cortez Castro with a Kendo Stick but Ryan managed to escape. We then saw Cortez in Dario’s office were he was told he would be facing Ryan in a match next week for one of the Ancient Aztec Medallions.

Biker Brawl

Son Of Havoc defeated Son Of Madness after an extremely brutal fight Havoc hit Madness with a beer bottle and then took flight with a Shooting Star Press and got the win and one of the Ancient Aztec Medallions.

Another great well put together episode of Lucha Underground. I like how every match had a reason and a story and helped evolve those stories heading in to Ultimo Lucha Trez. Which is already looking amazing with Puma and Mundo clashing for the title, I have enjoyed every bit of the story between The Moth, Fenix and Melissa with The Moth playing a creepy one insane nut job perfectly and his match with Argenis was one of the bloodiest matches I have seen in a long time it was a perfect way to portray his Madness and added more heat to the story. I can see the feud between Madness and Havoc carrying on past this and where did Paul London take Mascarita Sagrada? I’m surprised they didn’t edit out the Sexy Star match but I was not best pleased to see her in the ring with Jim Cornette’s worst fucking nightmare Joey ‘That Guy That Flips People With His Cock’ Ryan who I am  not the biggest fan of so I didn’t really take much notice of this match.





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