NXT 30/8/17 REVIEW




The show begins  in the parking lot and we see that Sanity have been attacked and they along with some security guards are laying out cold on the concrete.

The new NXT champion Drew McIntyre made his way to the ring and he delivered a promo in which he spoke about Adam Cole and said that if anyone wanted a shot at the title all they had to do is ask him to his face. This bought out Roderick Strong who asked for a title shot and was granted it by Drew.

Payton Royce defeated Ruby Riot while the Ref was distracted Billie Kay hit Riot with a big boot and Royce finished the job with a Fisherman’s Suplex.

Kassius Ohno asked Regal if his match with Itami next week could be a No DQ Match and Regal agreed.

Heavy Machinery squashed Nergron and Aweel

Regal told Lars Sullivan that he will have a 3 on 1 handicap match next week

Roderick Strong defeated Bobby Roode in Roode’s farewell to Full Sail match with The Strong Breaker.

After the match McIntyre appeared on the ramp and held his title aloft but he was quickly attacked from behind by Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Rielly. Cole delivered a DDT to Drew on the stage and they then left the building as Regal and security attempted to chase after them.


I enjoyed all of this show from the story surrounding Cole, Fish and O’Rielly causing havoc, Roode vs Strong was outstanding, Royce was very impressive and Heavy Machinery could be a force in the tag divisionNext weeks show should be a good one with the three matches already announced. I also am looking forward to the Strong vs McIntyre match and I am wondering with Strong also coming from ROH could we see him turn and join Cole,Fish and O’Rielly and make this new faction even Stronger ?


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