GFW Impact Wrestling 31/8/17



Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis start show. Promo Johnny Impact makes his way to ring he wants title, Eddie Edwards comes to the ring, Jim Cornette interrupted. Tag match if Eli wins no title defence if either Johnny Impact or Eddie Edwards get the pin that person gets the title shot.

Taryn Tarrell takes out Allie backstage sending message to Gail Kim

Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara vs Ohio Versus Everything. OVE wins with Elevated Cutter

Petey Williams vs Caleb Konley with Trevor Lee. Petey Williams wins with a Canadian Destroyer, Lee attacks Williams after match but Dutt makes the save.

Karen, Taryn and Sienna are backstage. Karen rips in to Taryn and tells them both they will have a tag match next week against Gail and Allie.

Stand By Wrestler Richard Justice (215 pounds) vs Kongo Kong. Kongo Kong wins with Splash off the top rope. Kong Chokes him after match Sheera makes save they brawl Mahabali Sheera knocks Kongo Kong out of the ring.

Low Ki with LAX vs James Storm. Low Ki wins thanks to a Konnan Ref Distraction, title shot the head of Storm then a warriors way from Low Ki.

Grado and Laurel with Joseph Parks and they find out she is Canadian.

Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards vs Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Eli Drake hits Gravy train on Eddie Edwards to win the match.

American Top Team come to ring side Cornette stops them from entering the ring and out comes Matt Sydal on to the ramp reminding everyone he wants a title shot as the show goes off the air.


The majority of this show was very good and for once in a long time I enjoyed watching Impact Wrestling. It was cool to see Petey Williams back and he is just as good as he ever was. OVE are an entertaining team and I’m sure the more I see of them the more I will like them. The comedy act of Richard Justice is hilarious. I laughed at the reaction of Grado and Joseph Parks when they finally realised that Laurel Van Ness is Canadian. Low Ki and James Storm had a very good match but I felt it was spoilt by Konnan and his minions trying to steal the spot light. After one week of holding the title it is very clear that finally they made the right choice with putting the title on Eli Drake he is superb but for some reason the last two weeks they have tried to over shadow his talent with this American Top Team Horse Shit that Lashley is involved with. Overall though they are improving and I am enjoying the fresh new talent they are bringing in and every show seems to be getting better. I just hope they can hang on to the performers they have as this is a very talented roster. I am more excited than I have been in a long time to see what they are going to do next at least that is something positive.






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