Progress Wrestling Chapter 55: Chase The Sun. Results And Review


Venue: Alexandra Palace


Pre Show Match:

Spike Trivet vs Chuck Mambo: Chuck Mambo wins


Main Show

Progress Tag Team Championship  Ladder Match

British Strong Style (c) vs C.C.K: C.C.K wins


Progress Women’s Championship

Toni Storm (c) vs Dahlia Black: Toni Storm  wins


Jinny attacks Dahlia after the match with a Steel Chair.


ZSJ Open Challenge

Zack Sabre Jr vs Marty Scurll: ZSJ wins


Death Match

Jimmy Havoc vs Mark Haskins: Jimmy Havoc wins


Jim announced that on Sunday 30th September 2018 Progress will be at WEMBLEY ARENA !!!!!!


Progress Wrestling Atlas Championship

Matt Riddle (c) vs Walter vs Timothy Thatcher: Walter wins



Wolfgang makes an appearance after match and it looks like he wants a shot at the Atlas Championship.


Number One Contendes 8 Man Sramble Match

Zack Gibson vs Mark Andrews vs Eddie Dennis vs Chief Deputy Dunne vs Jack Sexsmith vs James Drake vs Strangler Davis vs Flash Morgan Webster: Mark Andrews wins


Eddie Dennis turns on his Tag Partner Mark Andrews after the match.


Progress World Heavyweight Championship

Pete Dunne (c) vs Travis Banks: Travis Banks wins



It has taken a while to do this review for many reasons but here it is now. We attended this show and left again very happy with the standard of wrestling that they put on throughout this show. I enjoyed most of the matches and the shocking moments that were on this show made it even better. From the amazing risks that were taken by everyone in the Ladder Match to Scurll returning to answer the ZSJ Open Challenge and the pop he got was deafening  to Jim’s big announcement that puts Progress atop of the British Wrestling scene with their next big show at Wembley Frickng Arena!!!! The Death Match between Havoc and Haskins was a belter and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Then there was the awesomeness of the Atlas Triple Threat with Walter regaining the title and then to have a challenge from Wolfgang who shocked everyone with his appearance, oh then there was the Heel turn by Eddie Dennis which I’m positive no one saw coming. The one gripe I had about this show was one I had about the last Chapter, now I know Banks has a huge fan base and the guy is extremely talented maybe not the most charismatic and his character needs some development in my opinion but do they have to make him seem so invincible, he took all three finishers from all three members of British Strong Style and he still was able to kick out at two, a Sledgehammer shot and he kicked out at two, it seemed like they could of run him over with a car or shot him or even dropped a house on him and the guy would of still kicked out at two. But I get why he is the champion but I can’t wait to see how and who they will have dethrone him in the future. But all in all this was another great show by Progress and I am thrilled to see how massive they have become world wide they more than deserve it and no one can argue they are the best company we have in the UK and the best independent company in the world.

Review by Graeme Burley

Photos Taken by Matt Soanes



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