Progress Wrestling Chapter 54: Go To Your God Like A Soldier



Connor Mills vs Strangler Davis. Davies wins with a Standing Strangle Hold.
Flash Morgan Webster’s ‘Wrestling Friends’ with Mark Haskins and Jimmy Havoc.
Winner decides stipulation #1 for Tag Title match at Chapter 55: Kid Lykos vs Tyler Bate. Tyler Bate wins thanks to interference from Trent Seven
After the Match Trent announced the stipulation would be a Normal tag match where Falls count anywhere in the ring match.
#1 Contender Match: Jinny vs Dahlia Black. Dahlia wins with a surprise roll up.
Winner decides stipulation #2 for Tag Title match at Chapter 55: Chris Brookes vs Trent Seven. Brookes wins after interference from first Bate who was overpowered and thrown out of the ring by ref Chris Roberts then Lykos came in the ring and with his CCK partner they hit their double team finisher directly behind the refs back while he was still distracted by Tyler Bate and got the win.
After the match Chris Brookes announced the second stipulation for the Tag Match and he said it would be a Ladder Match. How they are going to put both stipulations together and make it work will be interesting.
Grizzled Young Vets vs F.S.U. Grizzled Young Vets win with a double team finisher called Ticket Too Mayhem.
Doug Williams vs Timothy Thatcher. Timothy Thatcher wins via submission with a Arm Bar.

Mark Haskins and Jimmy Havoc vs Pete Dunne and Travis Banks. Dunne gets the win after hitting the Bitter End on Haskins after he had been sat at the commentators table for the majority of the match and let Banks handle both Havoc and Haskins on his own until Peter was ready to enter the contest to get the victory.

This show did the job it needed to do and that was build/hype up every match on the card for the big show at Alexandra Palace. As we have mentioned in other reviews and an interview we are very impressed by the talented Connor Mills and that he has an exceptionally bright future and he did himself no harm in this match. I found the talk show with Flash, Havoc and Haskins very entertaining and it did what it needed to set up the main event and the feud between Havoc and Haskins. Now there were two singles matches to decide the tag title match stipulations at Alexandra Palace and while Tyler Bate did win the first match and BSS announced their stipulation it seems that has been completely ignored and they just went with the choice made by CCK after Brookes won the second singles match. Also I was baffled by two things in the Brookes/Seven match:

1. I don’t think a skinny Ref should ever be able to over power someone like Tyler Bate and throw him over the top rope that was ridiculous.

2. I hate when a ref is distracted for long enough for a tag team to hit their finisher and he turns around once they have the guy in a pinning predicament. It happened in the finish of this match and it only does one thing and that’s make the Ref look like a complete idiot.

The women’s match was okay for what it was I’m glad it’s Dahlia getting a shot, she has had a tough year but it has made it a great story and it would be great if she could end that story by winning the title at Alexandra Palace. I did enjoy the tag match with The Grizzled Young Vets and FSU. There is no one in British Wrestling that gets a reaction like the one Gibson gets every time he steps in a ring and his partner Drake is getting a lot of heat as well I hope to see gold around the waists of these two teams extremely talented performers in Progress in the very near future. It was nice to see Doug on a Progress show i and enjoyed the technical masterclass he and Thatcher put together. When Jim announced a tag match for the main event I thought maybe he had been possessed by Teddy Long (Holla Holla) but this match was superb and it did exactly what it needed to build towards Alexandra Palace. My one gripe about this match was how invincible they are making Travis Banks seem at the moment it is just not believable to me that two guys the calibre of Haskins and Havoc could not win this match as they had the advantage for the majority of this match.





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