WWE Weekly: The Good outweighed the Bad


I doubt many have bothered to notice but I took a bit of a break from watching pro wrestling for a while to focus on many things that I will not bore you with. I did however keep up to date with what has occurred over the last couple of months via clips and gossip on social media.

I decided it was time now to get back in the swing of things and give this weeks 6 hour instalment of wrestling shows from the WWE including Raw, Smackdown, 205  Live and NXT a try.


Let’s start with the main talking point the reformation of The Shield. I was one of those that thought this threesome should never of been broken up and bringing them back together is only validating my opinion. Apart they never got over as much as they did together, okay they all had decent to average runs but over the last 6 months all three had become very stale. Together though they still seem to be able to get to the level they were once at if the crowd reaction was anything to go by. All three of them seem to really be enjoying playing the role they are in and it just works for these three. Separately they are three decent guys but together they are arguably the hottest trio of the 21st century. It is pretty clear to see that they will overcome the odds and win the handicap match at TLC. The Miz is as entertaining as always and more than deserves the main event spot light and maybe a program with Reigns in the near future. I find The Bar more entertaining every time I see them and I can see Strowman and Kane getting in to a feud after TLC.

Why did they take the cruiserweight championship off of Enzo he is gold on the mic and a natural as an antagonistic heel. I like he got a few other 205 guys on his side and I hope they put the title back on him asap as surely they realise he is the one that can save 205 not Kalisto. I was also impressed with the change of character made by Jack Gallagher and his ring gear. I could see him playing the part of a manager type for someone or even better a Butler that can kick ass kind of like Alfred from Gotham.

This thing that has been going on between Wyatt and Balor is intriguing to say the least. I do like that they are trying something different but I would like to see Wyatt somehow get control over the demon and they work together for a few months and then Balor finally turns on Wyatt.

The women’s division sucks at the moment and I can’t wait till Asuka dominates the division but they do need a few others and the one I think they could really benefit from having back in the ring is Paige. She is far more talented than any of the women on that roster and I think a feud between Paige and Asuka would blow away anything that has been done in the last few years. I would love it if Paige returns at TLC to spoil the debut of Asuka and that would be a great start to something that could be very special.

I did like the look of Crews and Jordan as a tag team that could be something I would like to see again and with Titus as the mouthpiece there is no reason why this trio wouldn’t work.

The show overall was good I did enjoy the majority of it and I like that they are trying to embellish more of the characters and less about the in ring aspect. Some still need a lot of work on figuring out their gimmicks/character especially the females. The worst thing about the show was probably the commentary team, firstly i have never liked three man teams, I think it’s much better with a Babyface Play by Play and a Heel Colour commentator. They struggle to get excited about anything on the show, they bury talent and the only one of the three that seems at all bothered to try and get anyone over is Booker T. Graves sucks, Cole has given up and I will tell you what I think of the other commentators that work for the other shows later but it’s not going to get much better. It’s at times like these that I really miss Monsoon and Heenan or JR and The King.

While I enjoyed the build to the main event with Axel getting beat down backstage, the Sheild being locked up and the stipulation added to the match. The steel cage match was good enough and okay Kane returning was a slight shock but gone are the days of him being thought of as that dominant monster that arrived at Bad Blood in 1997. This felt like they had gone back in time by making him come up through a hole in the ring mat. It was just an easy way to finish this match and keep both Roman and Braun looking strong.

But I will say they did an excellent job of hyping and building up every story and match heading in to TLC. This definitely made me want to watch TLC now but the one strange thing is the only two titles being defended at this PPV is the Women’s title and the Cruiserweight Championship,  and by the looks of how Survivor Series is shaping up it looks like that not all the belts will be defended on that show either. I’m okay with that as you hope they can use these big shows to help build a story to gain more heat around the belts and when they are finally defended it will mean so much more. I believe that every single show should have at least one title match on it. They have done this recently and it doesn’t mean the titles need to change hands but you can do things to help create a story with them either have the defending champ win by underhanded tactics who just managed to escape with the belt either by cheating to win or accepting being counted out or intentionally getting disqualified. Or have the champ get a few dominant victories to build them up there are plenty of performers who could do the job for the champs. Then once in a while have the title change hands on the weekly show but only do it sparingly so no one sees it coming and that will make it much more meaningful and special when it happens.


Thank goodness for Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens because with out these two and the great job they are both doing this show would of sucked. Everything they did in this show was awesome, I am so happy they turned Sami, he finally has a personality and is proving he is one of the best talkers on the roster when given the chance to shine. His partnership with Owens is fantastic and I can see them having a tag match at survivor series against Shane McMahon and I am going to say Shane’s partner for this match has to be Chris Jericho.

Jinder is going one on against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series so if you didn’t know already this will shove it down all our throats that Raw is number one and Smackdown will always be number two.

Im not to sure about Corbin as US champ he should of squashed Sin Cara instead he loses by count out. This is no way to try and make this guy a credible champion in the eyes of the fans. He has the potential to be a very good mid card champ but the way they are booking him he is going to find it difficult.

But Corbin is not the only person suffering from baffling booking decisions as they completely shat the bed with Nakamura and seem to be going the same way with Roode how are these two not dominating this show, Styles feels like a bit part player if it were up to me these would be three guys I would be building my show around. The whole tag division is a sorry mess only the Usos are the only saving grace from that and don’t get me started on the cluster fuck that is the Smackdown Women’s division.

Agian the commentary made this show even worse with Cole, Graves and Saxton doing their upmost to suck any life that was left in this snooze fest.

205 Live

There are some positives that make this show easier to watch. Firstly it’s only one hour long, the character development is improving and you can see many of them are trying to take risks with their characters rather than just taking risks in the ring and Enzo  is money and has made this division so much better than it has ever been. The only thing that baffles me is why they took the belt off of Enzo and put it on Kalisto the guy is just a cheap rip off of Rey Mysterio. I still feel they need a couple more credible guys to make this show even better and I would look at maybe Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze, Hideo Itami, Johnny Gargano, the newly signed Lio Rush and of course Finn Balor to help get more interest from fans. I found this show easy enough to watch every match had a story or a reason for taking place but I mostly enjoyed the characters of Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher and of course Enzo.



This again was only an hour long and had four good matches with everyone involved impressing me.

I thought the triple threat women’s match with Deville, Moon and Riot to determine who would be put into the fatal four way match to decide the new NXT Women’s Champion was very exciting and the finish was pulled off perfectly.

Im liking this feud that is brewing between Alistar Black and The Velveteen Dream as the Dream tried to distract Black in his match against Mendoza who put on a good showing but was knocked out cold with Black Mass and Kassius  Ohno was impressive in his match the only problem I have is his ring attire does him no favours either he needs to do something about his body shape but if that is not possible a change in ring attire might be worth thinking about.

I enjoyed the Six Man tag match between Sanity and The Undisputed Era. The return of AOP was done well and they are doing a great job building this up to the War Games match that was announced on social media.

Overall I found NXT and 205 easier to watch for the simple reason of both shows being an hour long. Raw and Smackdown are both too long and I would at least like to see both shows cut in half time wise. But all shows were a lot more entertaining than they  were when I last watched.


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