Progress Wrestling Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre


Pete Dunne kicked off the show with Trent and Tyler not far behind and it was pretty much a good bye speech until it was interrupted first by the Grizzled Young Vets who were chased off by Trent and Tyler. Then Peter was attacked from behind by Joseph Conners who was making his first appearance in Progress and made quite a big statement on his first night.

Aussie Open and Omari defeated Never Say Die and Connor Mills when Mark Davis hit an awesome Pick Up Piledriver.

We were treated to a glimpse of the future for not only Progress Wrestling but British Wrestling as well. These six young talented performers each highly impressed me, but it was the unbelievable strength of Mark Davis the top highlight of an outstanding Six Man Tag Match.


Strangler Davis defeated Timothy Thatcher via Referee Stoppage

This was the best technical wrestling match on the show and another big win for Davis, he took advantage of the injured eye of Thatcher and that was eventually the reason the Ref decided to stop this contest. I can’t see any reason why Davis is not in the picture for the World title very soon.

Grizzled Young Vets defeated Chris Brookes and Jimmy Havoc with Ticket to Mayhem.

Due to Kid Lykos still being injured Jimmy Havoc took his place but even with this addition it could not stop the Grizzled Young Vets proving that they are the Number 1 Tag Team in Progress. This was meant to be a title match but due to injury that was also changed but that was a great way to continue this feud and build more heat between the two teams but I’m positive it won’t be very long before we see new tag champs.

Atlas Championship
Walter(c) defeated Wolfgang with a Powerbomb.

This was my personal favourite match of the entire show I enjoyed every minute of these two big dudes beating the crap out of each other and i was shocked at some of the things these two Heavyweights were able to pull off. Walter has been dominant as champion and it will take something and someone very special to dethrone him.

Moustache Mountain defeated Sexy Star with a Tyler Driver

A very enjoyable and entertaining Tag match from these two teams and a new team that I’m sure will have a very exciting future in Progress. Sexsmith had one of his best performances to date and Star was as good as he always is. They came close on many occasions but the more experienced team of Bate and Seven were finally able to pull out the win. There was a nice show of respect shown after the match and it seems like I mentioned earlier that we will not be seeing much more of Moustache Mountain inside a Progress ring.

Immediately after that match Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins with Vickie Haskins attacked Sexy Star with a spiked baseball bat dishing out sickening shots mostly to Sexsmith but also to David Star who got hit as he attempted to shield Jack from any more punishment. I loved how this segment was played out it seemed that Haskins and Havoc were going to brawl after everything these two had been through but then they both turned and attacked Jack. It was perfectly done and I am looking forward to see what they do next with this dangerous trio.

Women’s Championship
Toni Storm defeated Charley Evans with a Piledriver

This was the first time for me seeing Charley Evans perform and she impressed me in her attempt at defeating Storm. But yet again her fate was the same as every woman that has challenged Storm and that is getting dropped on her head and her shoulders being pinned to the mat for the three count.

Travis Banks defeated Kieth Lee with a Kiwi Crusher

The first meeting between these two inside a Progress ring is one of my personal favourite matches from this year and I’m sure it will be a contender for match match of the year. This sequel did not disappoint it was just as good if not possibly slightly better than the first one. Trying to praise how unbelievably amazing this match actually was is nearly impossible so it will be much easier if you go watch it yourself at DemandProgress and see what I’m talking about. This was a great way to begin Banks’ title run and I’m sure we will get to see many matches equally as impressive as this one was.




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