Raw: This Show had a completely different feel to it and I enjoyed the majority of it. The show kicked off with three returns in quick succession. First it was Stephanie who quickly ripped the Balls off of Angle but then she made him captain of Team RAW at Survivor Series, Nia Jax returned to take the place of Raw Women’s Team Captain Alicia Fox to defeat Bayley after the match Alicia who is playing the role of crazy captain perfectly made Nia her first pick for her team at Survivor Series as for the rest of the team we will have to wait and see but I think this is the perfect time for Alicia to bring back Paige, the two seemed very good friends if you have ever watched any previous seasons of Total Divas, another easy pick should be Asuka who was awesome in her squash match then the last pick is an easy one The Boss Sasha Banks. The third return came immediately after Nia had squashed Bayley and she had not even made it half way up the ramp before Samoa Joe returned to a fantastic ovation, he delivered a good promo then went on to squash Apollo Crews, Joe is a clear choice to be a member of Team RAW. That Halloween tag match was so awful it’s not even worth mentioning. Enzo and Gulak were entertaining. I liked what they did with Kane throughout the show but I don’t like how they are putting him over talent like Rollins and Balor only to build him up for a feud with Strowman which he will ultimately lose and then be gone again. I enjoyed Balor versus Cesaro and The Miz versus Matt Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship even if it was predictable that Miz would retain. While Mickie vs Alexa was a decent match I did not think it was worthy of the main event spot. Kurt Angle wetting himself at the sight of Daniel Bryan was so awful it was hilarious and the fact that the whole roster are hiding behind security is laughable surely they would be inviting Smackdown to come on in so they could kick their asses. Then there was the story for the return of Strowman and while I liked that they built this up with a few segments and the pay off was good I felt they could of done more by firstly spreading out the story throughout the whole show letting people know early on that Strowman is coming, I thought the stray rubbish bag in the locker room was stupid why would Strowman be sneaking around leaving bags of rubbish to scare The Miz then did he just get back in the Garbage truck again as that is where he appeared at the end of the show in a really cheesy segment. Again I had a few questions. How did Strowman survive in the back of the truck for a week ? The driver of the truck is one sadistic son of a bitch keeping him in there and then releasing him to attack The Miztourage What is his damage and when will Strowman destroy him ? Finally you have to feel bad for Axel he played no part in putting Strowman in the Garbage truck but he got by far the worst of the punishment from Strowman, maybe Braun hates Axel’s stupid hair cut like many of us do.


Smackdown: Shane McMahon is captain of Team SD and I am sure I’m not the only one that was hoping that it would be Daniel Bryan but that is wishful thinking. The two matches that were worth watching on this show was the awesome 2 out of 3 falls match between Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode then the main event between Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens was very good. The backstage segment between Rusev and Big E was ridiculous but there Match was good but the winner of worst segment of the week had to go to the abomination that was that Strangerer Things crap from the Fashion Police. AJ defeated the other Singh brother then was beat down by Jinder. Now they announced AJ will face Jinder for the title on the next episode of SDLIVE and while I hope and pray they see that Jinder is not main event material and they put Styles in the match with Lesnar like many would so much rather see but we all know that this is going to be AJ doing his best to make Jinder look like a million bucks and lose so Jinder looks that little bit stronger when he loses to Lesnar. But if they do go with Jinder and are serious about him then they first should of done a better job over the last few months in building him and giving him more time and making him the most important part of the show not just a bit part. But if they want to make him a star and they can because he does have it so to make him a star he needs a big win and the biggest name in the WWE at the match moment is Brock Lesnar. There is no doubt that Jinder would benefit so much more from winning than Brock ever would and a loss would hurt Jinder a lot more than it would Brock.


205 Live: Where was Enzo ? This show did have three decent matches and they did one thing better on this show than they did on Raw. I am starting to enjoy the character of Gulak and after the short feud he has had with the overly bland Tozawa I felt a sin here would really help him but No they chose to stick with the bland and boring wrestler and not someone who is trying really hard every week to develop a unique character. Rich Swann dressed up as a clown and beat Brian Kendrick.The Match was okay but the story behind it was lame and childish. The fatal four way Halloween match on 205 was a million times better than The Halloween match that was on Raw. All four guys put together a very entertaining and exciting match. Mustapha Ali hitting a leg drop with a broom stick off the top rope to win the match was one of many highlights in this match.


NXT: This weeks episode did that little bit more to help build up to Takeover. Nikki Cross won a squash match, Gargano defeated Aichner in a very good match and the tag titles were on the line between The AOP and Sanity but the match was thrown out when The Undisputed Era attacked everyone. A brawl broke out after the match with everyone including Roddy Strong who tricked Undisputed Era in to thinkthis JG he had joined them only to help out The Authors of Pain. Regal came out and announced that at Takeover there would be a triple threat match with Sanity vs Undisputed Era vs AOP and Strong but he added one more stipulation it would be a War Games Match. While the rules will not be the same as before and the whole match will not have that same feel to it I’m sure this version will be good in its own way.


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