Bound 4 Glory 2017



X Division Championship 6 Way
Matt Sydal vs Garza Jr vs Petey Williams vs Sonjay Dutt vs Dezmond Xavier vs Trevor Lee. Trevor Lee steals the win to retain the title by pushing Williams out of the ring after Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer on Xavier.

Taiji Ishimori defeated Tyson Dux with a 450 splash.

Monsters Ball
Abyss vs Grado. Abyss wins with a Black Hole Slam after interfering from Laurel Van Ness and Rosemary in this abysmal match and Grado’s last match in Impact Wrestling.

Eddie Edwards, EC3 and James Storm defeated Phantasma, Texano and Legado when Storm hit a Last Call Super Kick On Legado.

Tag Team Championship
5150 Street Fight
OVE defeated LAX after Sami Callahan was revealed as the family member of OVE and he hit a Piledriver through a table on one LAX member, he was pinned by OVE and they retained the titles.

Knockout Championship
Gail Kim defeated Sienna and Allie

Six Sides Of Steel
Bobby Lashley and King Mo defeated Stephan Bonner and Moose with help from American Top Team

Impact Heavyweight Championship
Eli Drake defeated Johnny Impact after interference from Alberto El Patron.


Now this may not of been the best PPV to ever be produced by this company but let’s face it this company is not and never will be as good as it once was. I will say that this show had some highlights but there were also many moments in this show that were hard to watch for all the wrong reasons.

The show got off to a very good start with an exciting X Division title match. Petey Williams stole the spotlight in this match and looked as good as he ever has done. The injury to Garza really enabled him to be able to show how good he is, Xavier and Sydal both pulled multiple amazing spots throughout the match, I was surprised that Dutt didn’t make much of an impact but Trevor Lee just seems to keep getting better and better. I would of liked to of seen him in singles competition instead further on the card against Williams but hopefully they are now building to that. The two guys that could of replaced them in the 6 way had a singles match with absolutely no story or build up to it and it felt like a filler match but at least it was a very good filler match but I again would of rather seen Williams vs Lee and put Dux and Ishimori in that 6 way cluster. So apparently this was Grado’s last match in Impact wrestling and it was dreadful, I mean really really bad. Okay so EC3 and James Storm were in a Six Man Tag Match that not only was absolutely boring but there was no point to it. Why aren’t these two arguably the most talented performers they have are booked in a Six Man Tag Match that meant absolutely nothing ? So the tag title match was one of the better matches on the show. Everyone involved in that match did a great job and I was entertained the whole match and the finish with Sami coming out was cool. The Knockout Match was okay but nothing special. I did enjoy parts of the steel cage match that was until the rest of ATT got involved and it became a complete cluster fuck. But before that it was a really entertaining match and both Mo and Bonner really impressed me. They both took a lot of punishment and allowed Moose and Lashley to take control and look the more dominant. They need to stop this MMA bull crap no wrestling fan wants to see that shit on a wrestling show. Thank goodness for Johnny Impact and Eli Drake and that whole match. Some of things Johnny did like sliding under the barricade were things I have never seen before. The finish was good and there are many ways they can go with this but then there were one to many run ins on a lot of the other matches that ruined them and this was the same as the rest.

There were are a few stories that could come from this show that could be interesting and the appearances from Jimmy Jacobs and Santino Marella were another two things that hopefully will come to something in the near future. This was a good enough show to make me watch the next episode of Impact but whether I can sit through the whole show and continue to watch every week is something I don’t believe I will be able to do but I do hope I’m wrong as this company was once my preferred American Wrestling company and I did at one time honestly believe it was the best one. I do hope they can get back there but I am not betting on it.



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