WWE Weekly




Miz Tv with Kurt Angle started the show in Manchester.

Guitar on a pole match
Elias vs Jason Jordan: Jordan wins by smashing a guitar over the back of Elias. This was an awful match that was so badly executed it was comical but it did nothing for both men. Jordan is not getting over in this role and the sooner they turn him and give his character a huge dose of attitude then maybe we will see his full potential. Elias has lost his heat and two guitars in the last two weeks, I can’t see how they can pull him back now from being anything more than a jobber. It’s a shame as I think Elias is one of the more talented characters on the Raw roster.

Asuka squashed Stacey Coates aka Isla Dawn then was named as a member of team Raw by Alicia Fox. I’m hoping Asuka dominates in the Survivor Series Match and wins it for team Raw. It would be the perfect place for her first big moment on the main stage. This undefeated streak needs to stay intact, she needs to be treated as a female version of Goldberg. Her matches should be quick and impactful.

Samoa Joe jumps Titus on the ramp
Joe says he will put anyone in his way down and offers a challenge to anyone. Finn Balor answers the challenge

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe ends in a double count out. Joe and Balor continue to brawl until they are broken up by Ref’s and Security guards one of them who looked very familiar (Kenny Williams) Angle Announced that Balor and Joe will be a part of Team Raw. This was by far the best match of the night hopefully we will get to see this feud revisited once more.

Kurt Angle makes Jason Jordan the fifth and final member of team Raw. This may have received many bad reactions from a large majority of fans and I can understand why. But this is the perfect place to make another big star and there are many ways they could go. Maybe Jordan will screw Kurt or maybe He and Kurt will win the match as the last two survivors on their team but I am hoping Jordan starts the match wanting to prove himself to not only his father but his teammates and Fans. However he gets caught with an RKO and is eliminated immediately after only a few seconds.

Nia Jax and Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks and Bayley. Sasha made Alicia tap out with the Bank Statement then after the match Alicia named Sasha as the next member of team Raw.

Braun Strowman vs The Miz. Kane interrupted the match both monsters began to brawl. Strowman hits a running power slam but Kane sat up. Then Miz and The Miztourage try to attack Strowman but it only managed to piss him off and Strowman quickly destroyed them.

Enzo Promo gets interrupted by Kalisto after his worst promo to date and then Kurt Angle who then introduced Enzo’s opponent for the night, WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne defeated Enzo Amore with the Bitter End

While it was awesome to see Pete Dunne on Raw and he did a fantastic job the only problem is Enzo losing. He is by far the most entertaining character on the show and is wasted in a feud with Kalisto. He should be winning this match by cheating to gain even more heat from the crowd.

The Bar defeated Rollins and Ambrose thanks to a distraction by the New Day to become the New WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. Okay so they New Day turned up and while they did a good job the same can’t be said for the whole Raw roster, especially the four guys that are in the match. Why did it take them that long to get to the ring and then go after the New Day ?

It looks like they are going to do The New Day vs The Shield at Survivor Series but before then Raw need to retaliate on Smackdown and I’m hoping to see Strowman and The Shield go on a rampage on the Smackdown before Survivor Series. They need to leave the complete roster laid out at the end of the show.


Shane kicked off the show as always (this is starting to get stale) and he introduced the New Day who are then interrupted after their cringe worthy promo by the Ratings Killers Sami and Kevin. The segment gets worse until we get to see a bland filler match.

Kofi defeated Sami Zayn

Randy Orton defeated Rusev and now we can finally say goodbye to any chance of Rusev getting any kind of a push.

Becky Lynch defeated James Ellsworth in the worst match I have watched in a very long time. This made the Halloween Match on Raw look like a 5 Star classic.

WWE SD Tag Team Championship
Gable and Benjamin defeated The Usos via count out. They are trying to make Gable and Benjamin heels and The Usos faces and its really not working. This whole American Alpha 2.0 is really not working either it is time to have Shelton turn on Gable then begin his singles career and I think Gable would do well on 205.

WWE Championship
AJ Styles defeated Jinder Mahal

So the big shock of the show and this week was not only did AJ win the belt but it was also the first time the title has changed hands in the UK.

The opinions on this are torn as some believe that this was a great choice as we are guaranteed to see a great match between AJ and Lesnar. But others feel this has been rushed and that Jinder was the better choice. I am of the opinion that AJ was the better choice. As much as Jinder tried he was not getting over at all no one really cared. While he had the look and could go in the ring I felt he never really got over as a heel. Maybe it’s the fault of the creative department but some of it has to be his and he has been given long enough.

205 Live:

I thought Enzo was good in the opening segment with the UK guys and they all did a decent job too as forced and as cheesy as it was. But Tyler knocking out Enzo was done perfectly.

Kalisto defeated Jack Gallagher in a filler match. I think Kalisto is a good talent but I also believe that Gallagher has a great character and needs to be winning more than losing at the moment but that is not happening anytime soon.

Cedric Alexander and Mark Andrews defeated James Drake and Joseph Conners in another very good filler match.

Enzo Amore got his win back in the main event when he beat Tyler Bate in a very good match. Tyler was fantastic, Amore looked great in this match and most of that had to do with the unbelievable talent of Tyler.

I was hoping that they would announce a match at Survivor Series between a team of 205 guys against a team of UK guys but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen.


There was one match that was worth watching on this show. The rest of it was filler squash matches.
Roddy Strong took on Adam Cole in the best match in the WWE this week. The rest of the show was all about hyping and building up to the match that could steal the whole weekend and that is War Games. I am really looking forward to seeing this match and we are guaranteed everyone involved will give everything to make this a classic.


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