Date:19th November 2017


Number One Contender
Seven Man Ladder Match
Bram defeated Kid Fite, Aaron Echo, Jody Fleisch, DCT, Joe Hendry and Ravie Davie
Rating: ***1/2

ICW Tag Team Championship
Polo Promotions defeated The Marauders(c)
Rating: ****

Kenny Williams defeated Rey Mysterio
Rating: ****

King Of Insanity Match
Stevie Boy defeated Chris Renfrew, Mikey Whiplash and Jimmy Havoc
Rating: *****

ICW Women’s Championship
Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
Special Enforcer: Carmel Jacob
Kasey defeated Kay Lee Ray(c) and Viper
Rating: ***1/2

Three Man Elimination Match
Lionheart defeated Zack Gibson and Rob Van Dam
Rating: ***

The Dirtiest Match In ICW History
The Kinky Party defeated The Kings Of Catch
Rating: ***1/2

ICW Heavyweight Championship & Zero Gravity Championship Unification Match
BT Gunn(c) defeated Joe Coffey(c)
Rating: ****1/2


Best Male Wrestler
Stevie Boy

Best Female Wrestler

Best Team
Polo Promotions

Match Of The Night
BT Gunn vs Joe Coffey


This years Fear and Loathing from start to finish delivered on every level. The Ladder Match was a good opener and having the heated feud between Davie and Bram become the main focal point of the contest was the best way to go. When Martina turned on Davie it was not only shocking but it was done perfectly by all involved. The tag title match was even better than I thought it was going to be and these two teams proved why they are two of the best tag teams on the planet. The Mysterio/Williams Match was as good as any cruiserweight match I have seen this year. The King Of Insanity Match was the best match on the show and while Havoc, Whiplash and Renfrew gave everything and were all excellent the man that not only stole the spotlight in this match but was the MVP of the whole show was Stevie Boy. On this night we saw him take unbelievable punishment and he just kept coming and was able to take out the three most sadistic wrestlers in the U.K. The steel cage match was well put together and it was very entertaining especially the clever way they finished the match. The triple threat match was good but I felt it fell flat when Gibson was eliminated he has so much heat that when he left the match so did the heat. The Kinky Party had their best match to date against the ever impressive Kings Of Catch they will be the best tag team in the U.K. one day. As for the Kinky Party I’m sure they will get a title shot sooner or later but is it only a matter of time before either Sha or Jester turn on each other and begin to feud. While I thought the Main Event went a little to long, it was a brilliant match with a good finish the one thing I felt was unnecessary was Nash getting involved but that did not take away from a great moment in ICW History.




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